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Classic Rock, Big Pretzels, and PIE!

The Sunnier Side of Supernatural
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Looking for a break from the angst? The deals and the hellfire and the EPIC!MAN!PAIN?


We have PIE.

SPN_BIGPRETZEL is the home of fun!fic. No violence. No hurt/comfort. Just our favorite characters enjoying a lighthearted moment. Playing pranks. Watching "Dr. Sexy, M.D." Scarfing down bacon cheeseburgers and giant pitchers of beer.

The rules?

If you're a member, you can post. Fic, recs and fanart (icons and larger graphics) are welcome - gen, het, and slash. Provided:

1) The fic, art, or other material has to be upbeat in theme. Outright funny, or something that provokes an "awwwww" response. Whump is fine if it's comical in nature, or is a minor feature in a mostly upbeat story (or artwork).

2) What you're posting must be SPN-connected. Fic or art riffing off the episodes, the characters' lives pre-series, future AUs involving the SPN family -- that's all fine. Anything pulled from the blooper reels is fine, as is art created from episode stills or publicity photos. "Eye of the Tiger" is fine.

Some things that don't fit (and we'll ask you to remove them from your post):
RPF. Artwork that's based on the actors' real lives. (For instance, using Jensen or Jared's wedding photos, or their appearances at conventions, or on the red carpet.) Anything that focuses on the actors' other roles, rather than Sam, Dean, John, Bobby, etc., and any type of manip that's plainly the actor and not the character.

When in doubt, think Sam and Dean.

Please keep large graphics (anything wider than 600), any fic longer than a drabble, and anything that's not work-safe behind a cut, and please tag your entry. If you don't know how to do that then here are the instructions on how to put things behind a cut.

SPOILER POLICY: Spoilers must be warned for and placed under a cut. This includes graphics, images, fics, etc that contain information from unaired episodes and new episodes up to two weeks after they have aired in the U.S. Even two weeks after they have aired, it is still considered courteous to post spoiler information in your header (see below), as not everyone is caught up on current episodes.

If you rec someone else's work, please let them know about the rec via comment or PM - this will help cut down the workload for your devoted mods. :)

Please use the traditional block of info when posting fic. For example:

Please post a minimum rating at the top of every part of a multi-part/multi-chapter story - remember that an NC-17 story could have some chapters that are spicier than others - and this way, members can make an informed decision about what they choose to read (or not)!

This should be obvious, but...no bashing. Share the pie. Be nice to each other.

If you post something that doesn't fit within the comm rules, one of the mods will contact you and ask that it be tweaked or removed.


If you have a question that isn't answered here, please PM one of the mods, dizzojay , jj1564 , auntmo9 or just_ruth