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Halloween Reverse Mini Bang -CLAIMING POST

banner by dizzojay
Please make your claim in a comment to this post
(art is below the cut)

We have some great art pieces to choose from this year,
so jump in and claim yours before they are gone!!

You may only claim ONE piece.
If we end up with leftovers, we will have a second round of claiming and you may claim a second piece at that time, if you wish.
Fics written from these pieces are to be a minimum of 1000 words, but the sky is the limit.

Since we'll be having 9 stories (YAY), we will make the reveal a weekend long Halloween party!

You may post your completed story at any time between
Friday October 28th and Halloween, Monday October, 31st
Hopefully, that will ensure the comm doesn't get overwhelmed on the 31st, and no one's story gets overlooked in the shuffle.

Please claim by number because some artists have more than one entry.

Get to claiming and have fun!! :D

#1 by just_ruth

CLAIMED by kiramaru7 #2 by just_ruth

CLAIMED by theymp #3 by dizzojay

#4 by emmatheslayer

CLAIMED by dizzojay #5 byemmatheslayer

CLAIMED by vexed_wench #6 by theymp

CLAIMED by just_ruth#7 by candygramme

 claimed by candygramme #8 by kuwlshadow

CLAIMED by zelda_addict #9 by twisted_slinky

Tags: halloween mini bang, mod post
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