Stolen Childe (stolen_childe) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,
Stolen Childe

[Fic] John'Verse - Side Story Four - Charmed (Sam-centric - Gen)

Title: Charmed
Author: Stolen Childe
Disclaimer: I don’t own Sam. He belongs to Kripke and Co.
Rating: G
Warnings: Gen, cuteness, fluff, future!fic, kid!fic, daddy!Sam, child OFC
Characters: Sam, Mary Jessica (Child OFC)
Word Count: 670
Summary: It’s the birthday of a special someone in Sam’s life.
Author’s Notes: All right, this is a side story for my John’Verse but it’s focused on Sam and Mary J. so you don’t have to read the rest of the ‘Verse. I’ve wanted to do a Sam and Mary piece for a while, so I hope you enjoy! Comments are loved and cherished.

I know it's Dean week, but I was feeling the Sam love and wrote this little piece this morning.


Tags: fic: gen, rating: g, sam

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