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Title: Beans
Author: tifaching
Genre: gen
Characters: Sam, Dean
Rating: PG
Summary:  Dean always likes to try the local specialties. 
For the prompt: Boston at the E/O drabble challenge on ff.net.


“Ungh!”  Sam gags in disgust and rolls down the passenger side window with a put upon sigh.

Dean shifts in the driver’s seat and belches, which is a far more acceptable expulsion of bodily gasses than the one thirty seconds before had been.   “Problem, Princess?” 

“You’re disgusting,” Sam replies, head tilted out the window into the oncoming rush of fresh air.

“Hey, this is just the body’s natural reaction to the foods we eat.”  Dean sounds uncannily like Mr. Science here, and Sam grimaces.

“The food you eat, you mean.”

“When you’re in Boston, gotta have the baked beans, Sammy.”

Tags: character spotlight, dean, drabbles, fic: gen, rating: pg, sam

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