Stolen Childe (stolen_childe) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,
Stolen Childe

[Ficlet] Dean Character Spotlight - Joy (Gen)

Title: Joy
Author: Stolen Childe
Disclaimer: I don’t own Dean! Kripke does, I’m just playing with him.
Rating: G
Warnings: Gen, kid!fic, daddy!fic, pie, Impala, OFC, fluff
Characters: Dean, John T. (child OC)
Word Count: 900
Summary: Dean has a fussy baby on his hands, so he tries a few of his favourite things to remedy the situation.
Author’s Notes: All right, this is technically a side story to the John’Verse, but I wrote it as a complete Gen fic. The only thing you have to know from that ‘Verse is that Dean has a son named John. I left the pairing ambiguous so it could be whatever you wanted to make it, though the John’Verse itself is slash with Dean/Castiel. But if that’s not your thing insert random OFC and enjoy! Written for Dean’s Character Spotlight at spn_bigpretzel.


Tags: character spotlight, dean, fic: gen, impala, pie, rating: g

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