ficwriter1966 (ficwriter1966) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

From the mods...

We've had a situation the past few days where a spammer has posted vids that have nothing to do with SPN.  This person isn't an SPN fan; apparently it's someone with a political agenda.  (She/he/it has joined over 250 random communities and is probably merrily spamming all of them.)

We've removed them as a member and banned them from posting again, though that won't stop them from creating a new identity and trying again -- so if you see a post that has nothing to do with SPN, please don't respond to it.  We're trying our best to delete the spam as soon as it appears, but if something does pop up, you can help out by dropping me or auntmo9 a PM alerting us to the situation.

Thanks, guys. Now, back to the PIE!
Tags: mod post

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