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A reminder to the artists in the crowd...

Our Spring Fic Exchange is underway, with 16 new stories due to arrive on May 2nd!  A number of you indicated that you'd like to take part in the exchange by illustrating a story, but so far, only 4 artists have staked their claim.  We'd like to have all 16 stories illustrated -- by something as simple as a banner with the title and author's name, or more complicated illustrations if your Muse is inspired.

So please take a look at the unclaimed stories, and if one of them strikes your fancy, sing out and claim it in the comments! (And if you'd like to claim more than one, please do!)

(Let's reserve this post only for claims -- if you'd like to do a bit of cheerleading about the story snippets, you can do it back here.)

lolaann1's story is being illustrated by angelus2hot
stolen_childe's story is being illustrated by pickamix
mamapranayama's story is being illustrated by quickreaver
auntmo9's story is being illustrated by eyestoowide


1)  Author: tattooeddevil
Recipient: lolaann1
Title: The Smart(er) Brother
Synopsis: An environmentally-conscious witch curses Dean by transforming the Impala into a Smart Car. It's shiny, green and most of all tiny. Dean’s beside himself, of course. And Sam tries to fit.

Snippet 1:
Dean actually turns green at the thought of driving the tin on wheels, and Sam narrowly swallows his remark about how Dean now colors with the car. He’s pretty sure that would earn him a punch and he’d have to walk all the way back to the motel anyway. Instead, he opens the tiny door and sticks one leg inside.

He’s not sure how ridiculous he looks, but he imagines it’s spectacular. Funny enough to have Dean forget about the shiny pod for a moment and watch Sam struggle to get inside it with a smirk on his face. Sam scowls at him and focuses back on the task at hand. He grabs the top of the door with two hands and levers himself slowly down into the car. When his ass rests in the tiny seat, he lets go of the door and pulls his arms inside. Halfway done.

He looks at his right leg still sticking out of the car onto the sidewalk and then back at the inside of the car. His left leg is bent awkwardly, pressed up against the dash. It takes up pretty much all space, he’s never getting his other leg in there.

“Just stick it out the window, Sasquatch.”

Dean sounds way too amused for Sam’s liking.

“Shut up.”

He stares at both his leg and the inside of the car for a few more seconds, trying to figure out how to fold himself so his other leg will fit. The outcome is always “it won’t”, so naturally he just pulls it in and pushes, shifts and stuffs until he is wedged in; the dash digging into his shins, his arms wrapped around his knees because they don’t fit between his torso and legs and his back pressed against the seat. The seat that’s been pushed back as far as it’ll go and still it’s too little. He’s pretty sure he looks as miserable as he feels.

Dean isn’t thinking miserable though. He gets in like a normal person - one leg, ass, other leg, hands on the wheel - and grins at Sam.

“Hey there sardine. How’s the can fitting you?”

Snippet 2 (yes, I cheat :P):
Oh no.

A sense of urgency runs through Sam, he needs to do something. Anything to keep Dean from freaking out completely. Now. He can’t make Dean un-see, so that’s off the table. Maybe a memory-wipe of some sort? Sam can’t think of anything to do that with save from knocking Dean out cold, so that’s off the table too. Knock Dean out anyway and haul him off to the motel before he really breaks down? Sam’s fist is halfway in the air when Dean makes a choked off sound and his knees buckle beneath him. Instead of punching his lights out, Sam decides to catch his big brother before he hits the ground.

Dean is such a drama queen.

Dean sort of just sits there for a moment; his eyes wet, his hands trembling, his breath stuttering in and out, muttering “my baby, my baby” softly. Sam just rolls his eyes at the overly dramatic display, but waits impatiently until Dean’s ready to get up again. When Dean is, he gets up on shaky legs and finally takes the last steps to the side of the road where they parked the impala.

Which is now a bright green Smart car.

Bright, shiny green. The shimmer from the metallic coat actually hurts his eyes. Not to mention the fact that is not the impala. Not Dean’s baby. Oh hell.

Extra info: Think crack. Dean's being overly dramatic, Sam is basically a giant and the smart car is about as big as a pea. Crack, people! :P


2)  Author: ficwriter1966
Recipient: bt_kady
Original Prompt: #1 Both Sam and Dean have settled down. They have retired, and each have married with families. I just want to see a slice of their lives, being happy for once. Schmoop is always good, and some NC17 het is always great too! Bring on the Daddy!fic/curtain!fic!
Title: "The One Where There's a Giraffe in the Chris-Craft"
Synopsis: Dean only turned his back for a few minutes. But a few minutes is more than enough time for things to go completely south, when Sam's 10-year-old son has an ancient book of spells in hand and aims to cheer up his 4-year-old cousin, who's sick with the flu and mourning the loss of his Teddy Ruxpin.
Snippet:If John screwed up the boat, there’s gonna be hell to pay.
Dean’s almost afraid to look.
Then he does. And the boat’s there. Right where it’s supposed to be.
But there’s…
There’s a frigging GIRAFFE in the boat.
Dean Winchester is almost fifty years old. And he has seen some extremely weird shit in his time.
But there’s a goddamn GIRAFFE in the BOAT.
Without a word, he turns around, strides out of the master bedroom, skirts past his woeful, weepy, snuffling nephew, and descends the stairs one at a time. The front door’s the easiest way out of the house, so he goes out that way and walks down the path to the land end of the dock, which puts him about twenty feet away from the stern of the Chris-Craft.
Twenty feet away, the giraffe turns its very, very long neck.
And peers at Dean.
Oh, shit, Dean thinks. This isn’t good.
It’s a very attractive giraffe, as giraffes go. Its coat is a pretty mahogany brown, sectioned off into jigsaw-puzzle-like sections by bands of pure white. It looks well fed, and its legs look sturdy and strong. There’s a thick tuft of brown hair on the top of its head.
“I didn’t mean it,” John says from behind Dean.

3)  Author: mandatorily.
Recipient: verucasalt123.
Original Prompt: Silly arguments between any of the guys that end up devolving into sexytimes, hexes or curses that require ridiculous actions on the part of any of our guys to fix the problem.
Title: Don't actually know, yet.
Synopsis: Haven't actually gotten there, yet.
Snippet: I know, I suck. I'm awful. But, I have an excuse. I've written 23,000 words in the last week, scrambling to finish au_bingo. So, just know that I know what the story's going to be about and it will be awesome. One (or both, possibly) of the boys gets the power of compulsion. And they have a LOT of fun with it, the fun type fun and the sexy type fun. FUN. If no one wants to claim me, I get it. But, I'll be working on this this week, so I can send you stuff as I go. *bats eyelashes*


4)  Author: antrazi
Recipient: ficwriter1966
Original Prompt: Dean takes a job in a small local supermarket to make a few bucks - and discovers that he's working alongside the Most Insane Co-Worker EVER. (Could be teen!Dean or Stanford era.)
Title: Just 2 weeks
Synopsis: In two weeks the High School year would be over and he could pack Sam in the Impala and follow their dad. Just two weeks more with the boss from hell. He was a Winchester, he could do this.
Snippet: Jake got to be the boss of their little branch in Bumfuck, Nowhere through the time honoured system of nepotism.
His family figured this kept him too occupied to fuck up too much, gave him something to do.
The only person who didn't understand that he got this position so he didn't have to clean up vomit in the next Plucky Pennywhistles, was, of course, Jake.
The supermarket was his kingdom and in the noble tradition of despots across all times and countries he ruled it with an iron fist.


5) Author: phebemarie
Recipient: auntmo9
Original Prompt: Dean discovers the wonders of eating dinner at a Catholic fish fry during Lent, but doesn't understand why they don't serve burgers. Sam tries to explain. Cas drops by to help Sam. Bonus points if Gabriel is around to annoy them all (including any priests and parishioners)
Title: Act of Cod
Synopsis: Set during season five. Sam and Dean visit a retired Catholic priest hoping to find some Biblical backup for their fight to stop the Apocalypse. In disguise as priests, the fabulous duo checks out the church’s famous fish fry. Mayhem follows when Gabriel pops in to torment our heroes who, of course, are assisted by Castiel in all his season five glory.
Castiel stepped between the Winchesters and his unpredictable sibling. “What are you doing here, Gabriel?”

The archangel held up two fingers in the classic ‘I come in peace’ gesture. “I was jonesing for some quality time with my three favorite wise guys: Bossy, Bitchy, and Boring.”

“Gabriel, “ Castiel began, “you reek of unwashed bohemian and illegal substances.”

“Hey, don’t harsh my buzz, brother.” Gabriel turned blurry eyes to the stern-faced group and grinned.

“Are you stoned?” Dean demanded.

“Lighten up, man,” Gabriel giggled. “I was time-tripping to Max Yaygar’s farm and worked up an appetite. Heard you boys were checking out the grub at my favorite Friday Fish Fry and thought I’d make it a party of four.” He glanced at the severe expressions and held up his hands. “What’s with the doom and gloom faces, boys?”

“Oh, I don’t know.” Dean said. “Maybe just a little something called the Apocalypse?”

Added note: My story should be a lot more fun than its description: boys dressed like priests, Gabriel sporting hippie wear, a piece of fried cod that looks suspiciously like an angel.


6)  Author: Kady (bt_kady) with assist by non-comm member platinumrosel
Recipient: tattooeddevil
Original Prompt: Wee!chesters - Bored banter. The boys are bored, stuck inside, the TV is broken and John won't be home for at least two more days.
Title: "Captain Awesome Big Brother and the Boring Motel Room of Doom"
Synopsis: Just what the prompt says. John left the boys alone in the motel room for two days while he's on a hunt, and it's up to 8 yr. old Dean to take care of and entertain his little brother.
Several hours later, the only thing Dean could think of to do was lock himself in the bathroom and stay there until Dad came back.

It was that, or lock Sam in the bathroom, and leave him there until Dad came back, but he had a feeling Dad would raise holy hell at that plan.

Instead, he sighed and, after a moment's thought, pulled the forest green crayon from the plastic container that set between him and Sam as they sat across from each other at the table. If he had to color one more page in this kiddie coloring book, he was gonna snatch himself bald. That, or Sam. Kid needed a haircut anyway.

Sam knelt on his chair, and leaning over the table, peered at his brother's page. "What'cha gonna color with that, De? I'm makin' Le'nardo this green!" he said with a smile as he showed Dean the crayon in his little hand.

Dean didn't have the heart to mutter as he wanted to. What he wanted was to check out the motel office to see if they had any video games, but when he'd last glanced over at the window, he could see the rain still pelting it. He sighed again, absolutely bored to tears.

Sam stopped coloring, satisfied with his work on making Leonardo the perfect shade of green.

He looked at the coloring book, then looked back at Dean.

Coloring book. Dean.

Dean tensed. He could hear them. Those three little words he'd heard All. Day. Long.

"Dean, I'm bored."


7)  Author: verucasalt123
Recipient: mandatorily
Original Prompt: Sam/Dean, first time. But, instead of being this hot, perfectly magical moment, it turns into a big disaster when they can't figure out the logistics, or who's going to top or anything. Bonus points if either or both do internet research trying to figure out the ins and outs *coughs* of gay sex.
Title: Not Too Sure, Not Too Proud
Synopsis: Neither of them were going to lose their soul tonight, if Buffy reruns were anything to use as a reference.
Not surprisingly, one night over Chinese takout in a motel room near Columbus, Georgia, Sam brought up the subject again. “I did some, uh, research”, he said, flushing a bit and not looking at Dean.

“Yeah, you always do the research, Sammy.”

“Not for the hunt. For the other thing…you know, what we talked about before. The sex thing. I read some websites that were for, uh…beginners? Like us, people who want to but aren’t really sure...well, the logistics or whatever, the practical aspects.”

“So now you’re concerned with practical aspects? How can it be all that much different, really? Tab A, Slot B, so maybe it’s not the same, uh – slot – but the mechanics, I mean, it can’t be that complicated.”

“I’ll let you read some of the links I saved. You can tell me what you think after that, okay?”

Dean agreed, because he knew Sam was unaware of the research he’d done on his own. Not articles, but gay porn clips on the web. He read the articles, though, and they sure made it sound like it was slightly more complicated than what he’d seen in downloaded videos. The downloaded videos he wasn’t going to tell Sam about for fear of another accusation of confusing reality with porn.


8)  Author: mandraco
Recipient: phebemarie
Original Prompt: Dean and Sam once again visit the world of The French Mistake and find their alter egos in the middle of a celebrity version of The Amazing Race. With a ghost to gank at every pit stop, it’s going to be a bumpy season.
Title: The Amazing Mistake
Synopsis: Twenty seasons of being a cameraman on the Amazing Race and he's never lost track of a single team. But Jensen and Jared are gone, and when he finds them again they're wearing flannel and calling each other Sam and Dean.
After finding themselves in a creepy supernatural-less world once again, Sam and Dean play along on the Amazing Race in the hope that it will bring them back to their world. Kicking Dr Sexy's ass is just a bonus.

Snippet: (...I'm currently in the process of hating my story so I reserve the right to post a very small snippet. There's a longer one in the last fic exchange post.)
Jensen glared at the invisible ghost. "Fine," he said. "But magic or no magic, bones or no bones, don't think I'm not going to figure out a way to gank you."


9)  Author: aceofannwn
Recipient: mandraco
Original Prompt: Hunting with Hallucifer: The Sam & Lucifer buddy comedy.
Title: Hunting with Hallucifer (working title)
Synopsis: The only thing worse than hunting solo and being caught by witches, was hunting with Lucifer as your hunting buddy and being caught by witches.

Sam struggles unsuccessfully with his bindings. There's a knife in his boot if he could just get to it. The whackjobs responsible for tying him up in the first place will be back any minute, and seeing as they plan to sacrifice him, Sam would really like to be gone by then.

"I did tell you it was witches, Sam."

Sam stops his efforts to work his fingers into the side of his shoe for a minute and pauses to glare at his indentured hunting partner.

"No, you said a witch," Sam corrects furiously. "A witch, implying one witch, singular. At no point did you mention that it was a group of witches!"

Sam might be shouting, just a little.

Lucifer inclines his head, gracefully acknowledging error.

"My bad," he concedes.

Sam hisses in frustration, and goes back to trying to get his knife out of his boot.


10)  Author: saberivojo
Recipient: pyrebi
Original Prompt:Sam trying to study for a geography final in the car while his dad and brother hunt monsters. Life is so unfair--he just wants good grades, you guys.
Title: Geometry for Winchesters
Synopsis: Pretty much the prompt, except I thought it said GEOMETRY not geography. Oh, that and a really old, ancient werewolf. Plus Dean is bored, Sam is bored. Bored boys = trouble.

Pythagorean theorem:

In any right triangle, the area of the square whose side is the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the areas of the squares whose sides are the two legs (the two sides that meet at a right angle).

The theorem can be written as an equation relating the lengths of the sides a, b and c, often called the Pythagorean equation.

a2 + b2+ = c2

Where c represents the length of the hypotenuse, and a and b represent the lengths of the other two sides.

How about the Winchester theorem?

Where your father and your brother are morons because

Dad2 + Dean2 - Sam = fuck up of monumental proportions.

Where Sam represents how fucked up things are and Dad2 represents how shitty his life is and Dean 2 represents the bane of his existence. Let’s face it if Dad was squared well, shit was sure to happen and it would probably include Latin, sigils and quite possibly land mines and if Dean were squared, the entire female population of this tiny pisshole of a town would probably be pregnant.


“So if a werewolf is running at let’s say ten miles an hour with a top speed of 20, but only in brief spurts of lets say…two minute increments. How long will it take a young handsome devil like myself to shoot said were?”


“You are studying geometry right?”

“That’s a fucking word problem, Dean. And I would need to know the velocity of the gun, the accuracy of the shooter and if Dad is anywhere nearby, ‘cause you know that is always gonna factor in to the equation.”

Dean shrugged.

“The Dad factor is nil, ‘cause he took the high road and I took the low road and the were is a lazy bastard. More like one of those hounds that like nothing better than licking it’s own balls. “ Dean offered a thoughtful expression, “Which by the way, would be totally awesome if it was doable.”


11)  Author: pyrebi
Recipient: stolen_childe
Original Prompt: Dean gets transformed into a miniature dragon; the first person he sees as Dragon!Dean is Castiel and he imprints on the angel – Sam’s a little jealous.
Title: Cibus Draconis and Other Non-Standard Uses for Angels (working title — I usually don't title anything until the end)
Synopsis: One morning, Sam wakes to find that Dean's gone. A five-pound, really irritable dragon with very sharp teeth and a biting problem is in his place. As if the upcoming apocalypse wasn't enough to worry about, jesus.

Dean is curled around Castiel's shoulders like the world's scaliest cat, all slender neck and delicate head and long, long tail. His eyes are unblinking, large and liquid and an unsettling green-gold color that's completely unlike the hazy taupe that Sam first noticed. Everything about him looks better, actually. He looks less emaciated, less irritable. Hell, even his scales are nicer. If he had to pitch around for a word, Sam might go for iridescent. There does seem to be a bronzy glow coming off of them in the light of the trout lamp. If Dean really is feeding off the angel's energy, it's doing him a world of good.

Castiel reaches up and runs his knuckles along the underside of Dean's throat, and the little dragon cranes his neck and half-lids his eyes as his chin gets scratched. Suddenly he stretches, and for a moment it looks like Castiel has a set of leathery, translucent wings sprouting from his shoulders.

Sam can't help the sudden and unbidden twinge of jealousy. (It's a close match for the twinge of pain in his hand where Dean sunk his tiny needle-like teeth in yesterday. But never mind that.)


12)  Author:jennytork
Original Prompt: Some lighthearted John and the boys. Maybe they are on a cracky kind of case - like a twist on sex!pollen...instead of sex-ness they get hit with lovey dovey dad and the boys? (not daddy!cest - sort of like Sam in Tall Tales)
Title: Stupid Allergies
Synopsis: Famous last words come round to bite them in the butt.
Snippet: Just a simple hunt, Dad had said.

It'll be all right, Dad had said.

It won't affect us, Dad had said. We're all on antihistamines for our allergies.

We'll be just fine,
Dad had said.

Fine. Right. Famous last words.

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  • DEW: Choose Your Weapon

    strong>Title: Choose Your Weapon Author: theymp Prompt: DEW Challenge: Character of your choice & snap decisions. SPN100…

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