i_speak_tongue (i_speak_tongue) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

FIC: Bidiature Goads

AUTHOR: i_speak_tongue
CHAR: Sam, Dean, OBGC (original baby goat character)
GENRE: h/c, cuteness, unrequited Sam/Dean(ish)
WORDS: 875
SPOILERS: None? Pilot?
A/N: Written for tarotgal's sneezekink meme. For mad_server's prompt: It's raining and Sam makes sickie-pie Dean wear a rain poncho and Dean is like "Noooooooooo I hate this," and then Sam is like "YOU LOOK SO CUTE IN IT" and Dean is like "Really? Tell me more about how I look so cute."

SUMMARY: It's raining and Dean is very sick but for some reason he's insisting he go with Sam to the farm. Why, Dean? What is so important about this cold, wet farm? Hmmmmmmm????? 

( They cross the state line into Vermont around the same time Dean decides he doesn't need his lungs, tries to expel them into a bundle of kleenex. )
Tags: dean, fic: misc, rating: pg, sam, schmoop, season 1

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