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April Fools Day Challenge

Sorry this is late - was kinda otherwise engaged yesterday!!!!!
(and sorry I didn't find a Winchester on my doorstep, but thanks for the happy thought anyway!)

Disclaimer: don't own them, no matter how much I stamp my feet.


That Trickster's been at work again. Only this time, Dean doesn't seem to mind terribly …

Rating: K+
Genre: Humour
Word Count: 100

(Hmmmm ... LJ cuts don't seem to be working - or is it just me?)


It had happened in the briefest of moments, but the result was undeniable.

The Impala had simply vanished.

In her place stood a gloriously mature, sassy and extremely beautiful woman. Her long raven-black hair curled loosely over elegant tawny shoulders, and a very little black dress clung wickedly to her slender curves, slipping like liquid silk around the slim contours of her shapely thighs.

Steely grey eyes tilted toward Dean, turning his knees to water. He gaped, wide-eyed and helpless, a bead of drool glistening on his bottom lip.

"Sam," he croaked; "would it be wrong if … ?"

Sam grimaced; "dude, don't even go there."



Tags: april fool's day challenge, dean, drabbles, impala, sam

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