tifaching (tifaching) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

Always My Baby

Title: Always My Baby
Author: tifaching
Characters: Mary, Dean
Genre: Gen, preseries
Rating: G
Summary:  Dean learns of Sam's impending arrival
A/N:  This is part of a larger story written completely in drabbles, so if you've seen it before that's why!

Mommy smiles a lot these days.  She sings and hums and gets a look on her face that makes Dean want to crawl into her lap and stay there forever.  One day as they’re cuddling in the big wooden rocking chair, Mommy’s lips brush his forehead and she whispers. “Want to know a secret?”

Dean nods eagerly.  Mommy’s secrets usually involve cookies and hidden presents.

“Daddy and I are having another baby.”

Dean freezes. “Instead of me?”

“No honey, you will always be my baby too.”  Mommy laughs and her arms tighten around him.  “You’ll be an awesome big brother.”

Tags: character spotlight, dean, drabbles, fic: gen, mary, rating: g, weechesters

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