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A quick note from the mods...

First of all ... WELCOME to all the new members!  We are *thrilled* to see the comm growing so fast, in its first few days of existence!

Remember that you can contribute in any number of ways:  by posting your own work (fic, art, vids, etc.), or by reccing someone else's; by commenting on the posts you enjoy; or by spreading the word!  We've got a couple of banners you can use, and we hope to have some icons available in the next few days.

A request:  if you rec someone else's work, please leave a note for them in their original post, so they'll know about the rec -- and hopefully, they'll come over and join the fun!

We've had some questions come up re: what's allowed here at the comm.  Maybe this will help you out:

--  We want the members (and the lurkers!) to come away from an spn_bigpretzel  post with a smile on their faces.  (Or, laughing so hard they can't breathe.)  If there's a little angst involved, that's fine, but the overall tone should be light.  Ideally, we shouldn't have to *warn* for anything.

--  Whump is fine if it's funny.  Keep Bad Day at Black Rock in mind.

--  For R and NC-17 rated sexin' -- make sure the atmosphere is *fun*.  Teasing, laughter.  Ridiculous use of toys.  Something that will make the reader smile and say "Awww."  Or laugh until their nose starts running.

--  Crack!fic is always welcome.

--  Schmoop is always welcome.  Curtain!fic.  Cuddling.  John having a sweet moment with his kids.  Some vintage Sam/Jess.

If you're still unsure whether something will fit, drop one of the mods a PM, and we'll be glad to help you out.

That's it for now, so GO!  Enjoy the comm!
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