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That's a Wrap!

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Well, that’s a wrap as they say.

I think I’ve consumed enough Pepto- Bismal and Craig to get over the efforts the lot of you made to put me into a sugar induced coma. So now it’s time to reveal which of your fellow lackeys gave each of you your prezzies. And while I am at it, I have also made a compilation of all of the links to each story in this wonderful little fest. I refuse to call it a master list, as I am the only Master around here. If you haven't taken time to read all of the stories, take some time now. It might not be my cup of tea, but it seems to be all of yours.

I have enjoyed torturing you enough that perhaps I will consider doing it again sometime. My fellow mods have reminded me that I should be thanking all of the authors and artists for all of their hard work and contributions. So thank you. It's been Hell.

ETA: Feel free to crosspost your fics wheverer you want now.

Charlie is My Darling gifted to theymp written by amberdreams with art byamberdreams

Merry Christmas from the Fiztgeralds gifted to twisted_slinky written by just_ruth with art by just_ruth

He Came Upon a Midnight Clear gifted to dreamsofspike written by evelyncarver with art by dizzojay

The Customer is Always...Weird gifted to sameuspegasus written by dizzojay with art by dizzojay

Crowley's Twelve Days of FaLaLa-ing Christmas gifted to amberdreams writen by twisted_slinky with art by twisted_slinky

An Impala Full of Toys and the Winchesters Too gifted to candygramme written by princess_schez with art by siennavie

Moose and Squirrell gifted to smalltrolven written by jeweledvixen with art by siennavie

Self-indulgent Curiosity gifted to just_ruth written by patriciatepes with art by dizzojay

Be My Baby gifted to dizzojay written by candygramme with art by cassiopeia7

What Do You Want for Christmas gifted to jeweledvixen written by sameuspegasus with art by amberdreams

Deck the Halls (of the Bunker) gifted to patriciatepes written by theymp with art by amberdreams

Whenever I Call You Friend gifted to evelyncarver written by spn_passenger with art by just_ruth

No Small Matter gifted to princess_schez written by smalltrolven with art by cafe_de_labeill
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