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Crowley's Christmas Wish List

Well, I promised the lot of you a second round of holiday torture and here it is.

banner by mamapranayama

If you weren’t up to selling your enitre soul by throwing your hat in to the fic exchange, then how about giving up just a wee bit of it in order to help out some other people around here? You know, just to get in the spirit of the holidays.

I am the King of Hell, and well, this should be my busiest season of all. Sales should be through the roof! I have a business to run and this is no time to slag off. It’s the best time of year to cut a deal. Today is Black Friday. Who do you think came up with that name?

So it is time for

Crowley's Christmas Wish List

Here is my final, bottom line sales pitch: Lay out your small desires, your wishes. And maybe, just maybe your fellow lackeys will grant them. Would you like a few new icons? Let old Crowley know and he’ll see if he can coerce some of your fellow comm members into making them for you. What about a banner, some picspam, or a drabble? The deal is same. Heck, why stop there? Maybe you want some non-fandom things, like a playlist for workouts or a recipe (Don’t forget I have that delightful gluten-free baby uvula muffin recipe if you want it).

Here is how it is going to work:

*In the comments, list your wishes.

*One wish per comment. This is my holiday project so I am not going to discourage greediness going to ask that you limit yourself to no more than three wishes.

* If you make a wish, please grant a wish. Again wishes will be many things including drabbles, icons, recs, playlists and recipes. Most of you can scrounge up the ability for at least one of those things.

*Wishes should be simple:

- 5-10 icons Dean and Sam in BM scenes (thank you my darling Marie for that phrase)
      - Ficlet, me outwitting Moose
     - Drawble of Cas building a snowman

Also, we are breaking the rules in this challenge. This is my challenge, so my rules. We are not limiting this to those numbskulls and their friends. You can pick any fandom universe or anything non-fannish. You can also ask for anything outside of the normal Big Pretzel playground, like angst or RPF( more on that later). If you are going for other fandoms, personally I would highly recommend anything revolving around Badger, Jim Sterling, Benedict Valda, Canton Delaware or Romo Lampkim. They are all compelling characters and handsome chaps to boot.

So additional wishes could be:
      - Header of with a library/book theme
       - Playlist,  5-10 songs, classical music
       - Icons of J2 at cons

       - Picspam of Marvel Characters


     **You may post your wishes any time between today and Friday, December 12th.
**Fellow minions can claim wishes as they are posted. A wish may only be claimed by one minion.   
**A separate post will go up on December 13th where you may grant your wishes to your fellow comm members.
**Please try to grant all wishes no later than December 31st.    
**Because I am breaking the rules for this challenge, my fellow mods (pain in the asses that they are) insisted that any granted wishes that do not conform to standard Big Pretzel rules should be posted via link to your journal. (Ex: you grant a wish for a Dean/Alastair torture ficlet. In the post for granting the wish, you will post a link to the ficlet at your journal. Please do not post it at the comm.)

Well, why are you all just standing there looking at me? Start making your bloody wishes!

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