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Crowley's Covert Christmas Fic Exhange

Hello boys and girls!

Well it seems your other mods have dropped all of their responsibilities (other than proof reading my entries) and have roped me into running the holiday celebration this year. Apparently I am willing to do just about anything to close a deal. So let’s just cut to the chase shall, we? I am hear to announce :

Crowley’s Covert Christmas Fic Exchange!!

Crowley exchange
banner by dizzojay

Actually, by Christmas, I really mean ALL the big end-of-year holidays in which humans find it necessary to drown themselves in order to try to forget their miserable excuse for an existence (Christmas, Hanukkah, Winter Solstice, Kwanzaa, etc). Alliterations are so much more poetic, so hence the CCC Fic Exchange. I am also willing to try exchange your soul for goods and/or services, no matter what sorry excuse for a holiday you celebrate.

How will this strictly professional relationship work?

It's a covert holiday fic exchange with a spn_bigpretzel twist.  You will not know who is writing for you. But mostly it is anonymous simply because I do not want those flannel fashionistas to find out I have anything resembling a soft spot for a pagan holiday masking itself as Heaven's annual pilgrimage to Plucky Pennywhistle's. So keep my name out of it.

  • Prompting/Sign-ups begin NOW and will continue until midnight Saturday night (November 15th). I’m not planning to be nitpicky about time zones here. Just trying to do the conversion from Central Standard Time to Hell Basic Time gives me a migraine that even torturing a new soul while drinking a decent glass of Craig doesn’t alleviate. So just post your prompts in the comments below before Sunday morning, November 16th, wherever you are in the world.  Remember, this is an EXCHANGE. If you prompt, you're also signing up to write for someone else. Failure to do so is a guarantee you will owe me your soul.

  • Claiming will begin Monday, November 17, 2014 at 10:00am CST (4:00PM GMT). This should give authors around 5 weeks to write! Claims will continue until all participants have been claimed.  THERE WILL BE A SEPARATE POST FOR CLAIMING and claims will be secret.

  • Fics will need to be at least 1000 words long. All fics will be due: Saturday, December 20th. You will email completed fics to me, your King at:

  • I'd love to include artists as well. The more the merrier I say. More opportunity for a business man to acquire souls. In a few weeks, I'll give artists the opportunity to claim fics based on the prompts authors are writing for snippets/summaries of their fics (if available). Then you can create something simple like a banner and maybe an icon to go along with the fic. Like you did in the Spring Fic Exchange.

  • Fic/Art will be posted anonymously by myself courtesy of my recently acquired LJ account: crowleysxmas. The big author/artist reveal will come once all have been posted. Fic/Art will be posted from Dec 25th-Jan 6th, the 12 Days of Christmas. What can I say? I am a traditionalist.

Please see below for more detailed info on the process.

How Will Bidding for Souls Prompting Work?

Those wishing to participate will submit 3-5 prompts in a comment to this post.

These prompts are for fics that YOU would like to receive as a gift. Prompts can be gen, het, or slash.  They can be as general or as specific as you want them to be.  If you just want ‘something cute involving wee!chesters’ – that is nauseatingly fine for a prompt. If you want something incredibly specific, that’s fine too.  All prompts are welcome as long as they fit the spirit of the com (sweet, cracky, funny, schmoopy, etc).  Remember, this is an EXCHANGE. If you prompt, you're also signing up to write for someone else.

A few suggestions:

  1. Do give at least one gen prompt. It will make things go easier with the claiming. Not all of us support the same ships or even have ships. (However, Myself/Dean, Myself/Bobby, or hell, let's face it, Myself/just about anyone surely are the best ships. Much better than the Dean/pie ships that seem to the preference around this place).

  2. Your prompts don’t have to be holiday related, but it would be nice for you to make a bloody effort to include some holiday prompts/stories in this exchange.  Please, try and shoot for at least one holiday-related prompt, especially since I have unveiled an inkling of interest in this time of year. As a reminder, holiday doesn’t necessarily mean Christmas, either.  There are lots of celebrations during the month of December (Hanukkah & Kwanzaa just to name two) - ALL of those are welcome here. 

  3. Remember you are prompting for a gift for yourself, so it’s delightful for you to be greedy and choosy. I know I am. I love to see those qualities in humans, too. It makes you ripe for the picking. Feel free to give your preferences. As much as I hate to say it, your other mods asked me to remind you to just be nice about it, even if I am not. Something like 'gen only' or 'lots of/no angels'.  In other words, don't slam ships, characters, etc. Remember, what you disklike just may be someone else's favorite thing ever.

Here’s an example based on the types of things I would prompt. Keep in mind, my interests are not as sickeningly sweet as the interests of the rest of you in this the community:

Prompt 1: Adorable weechesters opening gifts under the tree which were purchased with money that John received by selling his soul to a crossroads demon.
Prompt 2: Meg finally makes Castiel watch It’s a Wonderful Life while Sam, Dean and I sit in the back of the room making snarky comments Mystery Science Theater style.

Prompt 3: Linda Tran asks me to be he date on New Year’s Eve. Kevin insists on chaperoning.
Prompt 4: Sam and Dean host a holiday party at the bunker for all of their friends. It is boring as heaven until I show up with whiskey and a karaoke machine.
Prompt 5: Me. Any story about me. You know it will be fabulous.

Preferences (optional): The more deals for souls the better. Kissing is non-negotiable. Black, well-tailored suits– yes. Denim - no.

How Will Claiming Souls Work?

Author claiming will be anonymous and open only to those participants who submitted prompts (I’ll screen your comments so I can be the first to mock you coordinate the choices and PM you which person you are writing for).  Authors will choose the prompter they’d like to write ONE fic for - based on their set of prompts/preferences.  You will be asked to submit your first, second, and third choices. AGAIN - THERE WILL BE A SEPARATE POST FOR THIS.

As for any other gifts that might be given out this season, I’d like to remind you all that I am the only one that will be placing beer, porn and a new karaoke machine under the tree for Squirrel this year. Any one else who tries to do so will find themselves moved to the front of the line in the torture chamber.

Now don’t just sit there. Start prompting!

I am off brainwash the other mods into changing the name of this community. The Sunnier Side of Supernatural? Seriously? Do you all get together, hold hands and sing “You are My Sunshine”? If you’re not careful, I’ll be the one to make you hang your head and cry.
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