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FIC REC - "Stroke Me"

This fic goes back quite a ways (August of 2007), but I remember it ohhhhh so well: I remember how it made me laugh until I couldn't breathe, until there were tears rolling down my face.

It only needs two words to describe it (or should that be one word?) -- GOLF!FIC.

From the marvelous kimonkey7's original post:
Title: Stroke Me
Author: kimonkey7
Pairing: none. gen. Sam and Dean
Rating: R - for swears and blatant implied sexual innuendo of the 12-year-old boy ilk
SPOILERS: Nothing specific, but assume through Heart.
WARNINGS: golf!fic. No, seriously.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Damn it.
Summary: Boys will be boys… Dirty, dirty, bad, bad boys.

Need more of a description? Sam and Dean play miniature golf.  And nonsense ensues.

(If you're not already familiar with kimonkey7 -- her work is stunning and gorgeous.  Beautifully drawn OCs, compelling plots, and the occasional wacky crack.  She hasn't written anything for a while, but if you're a lover of angst and massive Dean!whumpage, her library is well worth checking out!)
Tags: dean, lolz, rating, rating: r, rec post, sam

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