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Fic Rec: Sapphires in his Eyes

Title: Sapphires in his Eyes
Author: quellefromage
Characters: Sam, Dean, and John.
Genre: Gen - Humor, family, and a touch of crack.
Rating: PG
Spoilers: This is a continuation of the 3.08 flashback, so some spoilers for that ep.

Summary: Wee!Winchester fic. Tag to 3.08. What happens after John returns, after Christmas.

By the power of Sapphire Barbie, I command you to read this fic!

The boys are definitely in character yet still boys in this fic. I love the back and forth between them and the utter crack that is Sam's love for his Christmas presents and John's reaction to all the chaos is just... I like that he can be a really good dad sometimes. All that, and there's a touch of schmoop at the end.
Tags: dean, fic: gen, john, rating: pg, rec post, sam, weechesters

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