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Adopt a Plot Bunny - Free For All

WOW! We have 91 unfilled prompts from the 2nd Annual Spring Fic Exchange! Since there are so many good ones, it's a shame to just let them sit there. This is a free-for-all, meaning anyone can write a story, create art, make a vid... etc based on any of these prompts. Since there are SO many, we're not going to do an official claiming. If you see a prompt you want to fill: GO FOR IT! There is no cut off date, no word limit, etc. We're only asking that you have fun, keep it in the spirit of the comm, and keep us hopping with good stories/art all summer. Do make sure you credit your prompter. If you want to know a little more about the prompter's likes/dislikes, here's a link to the original post, which has their favored pairings, dislikes, likes, etc: http://spn-bigpretzel.livejournal.com/447429.html#comments

  • Sam, Stanford-era. He knew the way he grew up was different but he still underestimated his own amount of social ignorance. prompter: antrazi

  • Sam & Dean have a bit free time and watch TV. This guy on Gilmore Girls looks familiar...  prompter: antrazi

  • What else can Dean do Sam wasn't aware of other than cooking?  prompter: antrazi

  • The Winchesters, according to the demonic scuttlebut.  prompter: antrazi

  • Dean pulls over to help a man with a broken down ice cream truck in the hope of getting some free ice cream. But that might not actually be a man and maybe that's not an ice cream truck either and-- Don't eat that, Dean! prompter: mandraco

  • The Campbells have always financed their hunting with the proceeds from their famous soup recipes, and later their canned soup empire. Bonus points if you throw the "hunting vamps on the Mayflower" story in. (Alternately, Bobby does the same thing with the Singer sewing machine business.)  prompter: mandraco

  • This insane prompt which essentially adds up to: Bobby makes stop motion videos in his spare room. prompter: mandraco

  • Anything with pie or outsider POV.  prompter: mandraco

  • BatCave!fic - Summer camp style prank wars. Of course things will get out of control. prompter: lolaann1

  • The boys end up at a SPN con and argue with fans who accuse them of being posers and say their understanding of Sam and Dean, canon, etc. is totally flawed. prompter: lolaann1

  • Sam and Dean go undercover as treehuggers camping out to save an old Magnolia scheduled for destruction. But has the ungrateful tree been snacking on the hippies who swore to protect it? prompter: lolaann1

  • What's the point in being the King of Hell when there's nobody to do the paperwork?  prompter: candygramme

  • Crowley's favourite hellhound is fed up and comes to the boys seeking amnesty.  prompter: candygramme

  • Season 8 (or Future Fic). Bat Cave fic. Being the awesome hunters they are, neither Winchester wants to admit that somehow a cat got past them and into the Bat Cave. Until she gives birth to kittens. What the heck do they do with kittens? Keep them? Ditch them? Give one to each of their "friends"? prompter: twisted_slinky

  • "You think my name's really Charlie Bradbury?" A look into the life, or a day in the life, of Charlie. (Can be a crossover.) prompter: twisted_slinky

  • Season 8 (or Future Fic). 'Kevin's mom has got it goin' on.' Linda Tran tries to take on the world of hunting, but she's not so sure about Garth's teaching methods... (Doesn't have to be a ship, just funny :D  prompter: twisted_slinky

  • Screw the Jedi." Dean convinces Sam the Jedi's 'anger leads to the dark side' spiel is crap. Brotherly love fic. (Can be talking about the movies or a crossover.)  prompter: twisted_slinky

  • One of the archangels gets cursed into becoming a kid. Castiel must convince Sam and Dean that, actually, leaving them that age is actually worse than having their adult selves around. prompter: licklesoxy

  • Chuck's books have developed a rather large following since he published his new, Lucifer-arc ones. Cue an epic fanwar, with Sam leading the Destiel shippers, and Dean leading the Sabriel shippers (because we all know they both play matchmaker in their spare time x)).  prompter: licklesoxy

  • Castiel is convinced that Dean or Sam is a Time Lord due to all the times he's died and come back to life. prompter: licklesoxy

  • Archangel bonding. Because even almighty powerful beings need a hug sometimes. prompter: licklesoxy

  • Dean's magic in the kitchen is really the work of, well ... magic prompter: mamapranayama

  • Sam's toothache is a killer, but there is no way he's going to a dentist (those madmen are worse than clowns!) prompter: mamapranayama

  • We need more men in tights! Sam and Dean get transported back to the real middle-ages. Dean loves it. Sam ... not so much prompter: mamapranayama

  • Sam searches high and low for the perfect belated birthday gift for Dean: a magic fingers machine for his new bed in the batcave.  prompter: mamapranayama

  • A spirit is haunting a high school, every prom night. Dean and Sam have to go undercover as supervisors to hunt the ghost. One of the high school kids takes a shine to either Sam or Dean and she's very, very insistent.  prompter: tattooeddevil

  • Bobby has a case in Vegas, but the boys are busy with their own case. He has no choice but to dress up like a drag queen and solve the situation himself.  prompter: tattooeddevil

  • Jody Mills stops by the Batcave. Lots of mothering and female squeeing ensues :P prompter: tattooeddevil

  • Even as a kid, Sam was up and at 'em early. Way too early for Dean and John. Cue grumpy!John and grumpy!teen!Dean.  prompter: tattooeddevil

  • Any character figuring out Dean is smarter than his GED and devil-may-care attitude let on.  prompter: boysinperil

  • Family time at the Batcave - the WHOLE damned still-alive family: Dean, Sam, Cas, Benny, Amelia, Jody, Meg, Garth, whomever you want to toss into the mix.  prompter: boysinperil

  • Team Purgatory; I don't know how you'd make it fluffly sunshine time but it would be great to see prompter: boysinperil

  • Balthasar discovers the burgeoning Supernatural fandom that Dean found, and thinks that slash stories are VERY interesting, although perhaps sometimes anatomically inaccurate (and he would know). On the other hand, they might just give him so ideas of new things to try!  prompter: gryphon2k

  • Dean takes Cas on an Easter egg hunt. Hilarity ensues.  prompter: gryphon2k

  • Batcave fic. Dean finds a magic broom and decides take some shortcuts cleaning the lair ala Sorcerer's Apprentice. With similar results  prompter: gryphon2k

  • Pre-series fic. High school aged Dean is attempting to impress a girl by acting tough, but keeps accidentally making Star Wars references and bad puns. (This is another repeat. I tried to write it myself but I couldn't make it work. Also, it doesn't have to be star wars).  prompter: sameuspegasus

  • Outsider POV of Cas, particularly of Cas and Dean interacting. Can be slash or an outsider thinking they are together when they aren't, or completely gen with the outsider getting freaked out by Cas's strange behaviour, and Dean trying to cover for him and making it worse prompter: sameuspegasus

  • Sam writes bad poetry. prompter: sameuspegasus

  • Anything with Dean's brilliant interview skills ("Anyone piss off any gypsies?") or Dean and Cas interviewing people.  prompter: sameuspegasus

  • The wonderful road-tripping adventures of Meg and Castiel. prompter: patriciatepes

  • Dean's first time driving the Impala... too bad he's a little too inexperienced and way too underaged to be doing so!  prompter: patriciatepes

  • It's Sam's 21st birthday, and Dean intends to do it right. prompter: patriciatepes

  • Bat-cave fic! Dean stumbles upon his grandfather's personal diary, archived away, and learns that he had met the most interesting people on the wackiest adventures (could be a crossover) prompter: patriciatepes

  • Dad’s got a broken casted arm, it itches and he’s cranky and he keeps stuffing knives down it to try to stop the itching. Sam is ten and it's his fault because he somehow managed to convince Dad to try and catch some neighborhood lady’s cat that climbed a tree (Old JDUB is just a wee bit too heavy for the lighter branches)Dean just wants to draw obscene pictures on it in pink highlighters. prompter: saberivojo

  • Teen!chesters Sammy’s got a girlfriend! She’s gorgeous and smart and a Wiccan! How can Sam convince Dad and Dean it’s a “real” religion, she’s not Satan’s bride?  prompter: saberivojo

  • Sam finds out that Dean has another guilty pleasure other than Dr. Sexy. GLEE prompter: saberivojo

  • Whatever happened to Dean with that waitress in Florida?
    Sam: This is the dumbest thing you've ever done.
    Dean: I don't know about that... Remember that waitress in Tampa?
    So - what happened with that waitress in Tampa? Inquiring minds want to know!  prompter: saberivojo

  • Dean struggles to figure out how to get decent tv reception down in the BatCave, Sam shows him how to use Hulu,etc. instead.  prompter: smalltrolven

  • Jody meeting Garth for the first time, Garth falls for her and asks Sam and Dean for permission to take her out. (which she gets very pissed/amused at). prompter: smalltrolven

  • The little old lady neighbor closest to the BatCave notices those fine young men in their lovely old car, and brings them a pie. She's an ally of the M.O.L. and is just glad to see someone using the place  prompter: smalltrolven

  • A pair of television survivalists; one military trained, the other a self-taught 'nature boy' in bare feet run into a Wendigo being hunted by Sam and Dean  prompter: just_ruth

  • It's the race of the century! Two car enthusiasts claim they've made the most "authentic" replica of the infamous "Lil' Bastard" and plan to race them to see who is best but when weird things start happening Sam and Dean find themselves in the race of their lives with a ghostly car and a ghostly driver who looks an awful lot like a certain movie star. Whoever wins, it will be "Devil Take All."  prompter: just_ruth

  • In the wilds of Alaska, the Winchesters run into a red-headed werewolf (crossover Buffy) out to prove his innocence in a suspicious killing.  prompter: just_ruth

  • Sam and Dean play poker/pool with each other when one of them is broke to get money from the other  prompter: yanyann

  • Where's the slinky from season 7?  prompter: yanyann

  • fireflies/lanterns - camping? cabin in the woods?  prompter: yanyann

  • animal transformation - transforms when hiccuping/sneezing/general moments of deconcentration
    (preferably dog/wolf!Dean a.k.a. the real reason Sam loves dogs)
    (can!Sam & dog/wolf!Dean - like this a.k.a. still the real reason Sam loves dogs)  prompter: yanyann

  • Anything bakery related.  prompter: vexed_wench

  • Crowley gives Bobby a Hellhound to watch over the Salvage yard, and other weird tokens of affection  prompter: vexed_wench

  • wee!Chester parent teacher meetings and poor John trying to explain their ‘normal life’  prompter: vexed_wench

  • Any random day in the life of Meg would be great.  prompter: vexed_wench

  • Kind of inspired by "The Born Again Identity"... Hunters vs. Angels vs. Demons in a knock-down-drag-out fight to the death...game of Risk. Only maybe instead of just the normal board game, they have a special version where they can fight for territories in heaven or hell or....you get the idea.  prompter: sylvia_locust

  • Dean dies, again (hey, it's season 5) and decides to spend his downtime wheedling Ash into taking him to Vatsyana's own personal heaven. It is indeed sweaty and confusing.  prompter: sylvia_locust

  • Dean has had it with the torture and agonies and whatnot, so he finally tells Alastair he's ready to come off the rack and dole out some punishment to the hell-bound masses. He starts with the soft cushions, and then moves on to the comfy chair... prompter: sylvia_locust

  • Downton Abbey fusion) The widower Sir Jonathon Winchester, who has spent the past 10 years hunting the demon (or possibly wild boar) that killed his beloved Mary, suddenly finds himself the heir of Grantham. He's confused and ambivalent about his sudden wealth and rise, but he'll bear it if he must. If only he could bring his unschooled sons in line before Lady Violet dies of apoplexy  prompter: sylvia_locust

  • Sam or Dean decides that it would be much easier to just GROW all those herbs they need for spells rather than keep running out for supplies  prompter: blackrabbit42

  • Someone calls them with an easter-bunny related case, and they end up deciding to let it go, he's not such a bad bunny after all.  prompter: blackrabbit42

  • Undercover assignment as as pre-school teachers, or teachers aids. Cas too please!  prompter: blackrabbit42

  • They find a variety of puzzling objects while spring cleaning the bat cave. Author can decide if they are sex toys or just domestic things that the rest of "normal" americans are familiar with but Sam and Dean can't wrap their heads around, (or whatever you want). One of them in an apron please.  prompter:blackrabbit42

  • Sam is hurt on a hunt and it prompts some honest talking between the two.  prompter: annie46

  • Memory loss when either brother can't remember the other but is drawn to them anyway!  prompter: annie46

  • The Bat Cave has a kitchen and Dean's going to cook Sam the best birthday dinner ever.  prompter tifaching

  • The first time Dean drives the Impala. Hunt gone wrong, or just John teaching him how to drive.  prompter: tifaching

  • It's a long bus ride from wherever to Stanford. Sam meets a lot of interesting people. Elaborate  prompter: tifaching

  • Adult Sam and Dean go to the zoo  prompter: tifaching

  • Crowley trying to play mind games with Castiel. Or any game, for that matter  prompter: cuddyclothes

  • Sam tries to hide from Dean that Sam needs glasses prompter: cuddyclothes

  • Meg takes up tap dancing for sinister reasons  prompter: cuddyclothes

  • Something unexpected jumps out of Bobby's birthday cake.  prompter: cuddyclothes

  • Sam is the most pathetic giant baby in the world when he's sick. Dean pretends taking care of him is a huge burden prompter: verucasalt123

  • weechesters visiting Pastor Murphy in summertime  prompter: verucasalt123

  • Cas tries very, very hard to assimilate once he's turning human. Sam does not think it is funny AT ALL. He's totally not pretending to cough to cover up a laugh  prompter: verucasalt123

  • Anything with Garth and Kevin trying to learn how to live in a small space without murdering each other  prompter: verucasalt123

  • Dean or Sam gets Siri installed onto Castiel's iPhone. They have interesting conversations.  prompter: verucasalt123

  • Gabriel is not dead. He faked his death and has been lying low, but that is getting pretty boring. And it looks like the Queen of Moondoor could use a good Trickster jester for her court.  prompter: auntmo9

  • Dean, being the geek that he refuses to acknowledge he is, finds what he thinks is an original handwritten manuscript of a novel in the Batcave that he gets all excited over (think Alice in Wonderland, The Picture of Dorian Gray, The Hobbit, etc). Except it is not the manuscript, it is the author's personal journal based on their experiences prompter: auntmo9

  • Gabriel is not dead. He has been hiding out in the Batcave since Lucifer tried to shiv him. It was pretty quiet until the muttonheads showed up. Not that they surprised him, since he is the archangel assigned to protect those MoL mooks. He couldn't help what happened back in '58. That galaxy wide vacation with Kali was too good to pass up  prompter: auntmo9

  • Dean wins the lottery/lotto (whatever you call it in the states). Is this a good thing or not? You decide.  prompter: dizzojay

  • Dean somehow becomes invisible. How much trouble can he get into before Sam finds the reversing charm.  prompter: dizzojay

  • The Impala comes to life, although remains as a car. Are her feelings the same as Dean's are for her? How uncomfortable is Sam going to be made to feel?  prompter: dizzojay

  • The boys do something nice for Bobby, don't mind what, it just makes me feel fuzzy and warm when they do that!  prompter: dizzojay

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