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Spring Fic Exchange - Masterlist of Fic & Art

It's a wrap, folks!  I hope we do have one more story coming, but I'm going to go ahead and post the masterlist. It seems appropriate since today is the official beginning of Summer Hellatus :( This list will also be available from the MasterPosts link on the sidebar.  Thanks so much to everyone who participated by sharing their writing and/or their artistic talents.  And thanks to all of you who read and commented, I know the authors and artists appreciate it.  You guys are awesome!  Feel free to go forth and crosspost.

Also, I do plan to scoop up all the unfilled prompts soon and have another Adopt a Bunny Free For All.  Anyone can claim a prompt and there are no real rules on how long the story has to be or when it has to be posted.  As long as it fits the spirit of the comm, everything is good.  Hopefully, this will help keep the comm hopping with some great stories all summer.

Note: Unless the author specifically stated a pairing, I didn't list one. Each link goes to the full header with warnings, characters, etc. Be sure to give the authors and artists your love.

Survey Says written by sylvia_locust, art by gryphon2k for vexed_wench
Summary:It's 1978, and John is trapped in a two-room rental with a broken ankle and two teenage boys. He's going out of his mind with boredom until he spots a shapeshifter posing as a TV game show host

Welcome to Fan Fic Land written by annie46, art by licklesoxy for lolaann1
Summary: The Trickster turns out to be alive and well and decides to trap Sam and Dean in FanFicland (using Becky Rosen’s fan fiction to torture our boys!) The Trickster calls it a vacation from angst but for Sam & Dean it isn’t that much fun! Dean gets turned into a cat as well as a few other things, Sam finds he has a bun in the oven, the boys find their long lost sister and general chaos rules. Will the Winchesters escape before they go slightly mad or will they choose to ‘enjoy’ their vacation after all?

First Prize Written by mamapranayama, art by lightthesparks for annie46
Summary: Sam and Dean are asked to compete in Moondoor's annual highland games. In other words, it's a story about pretend knights, gay wizards, kilts, cabers, drinking, a grabby old Scotswoman, and one blue ribbon

Apple Pie Life written by blackrabbit42, art by 2blueshoes for sameuspegasus
Summary: Sam wants to make Dean a pie for his birthday, but Dean has his own ideas about how it should be done.

Up to the Old Inn Door written by sameuspegasus, art by 2blueshoes for just_ruth
Summary: Outside POV. There's something strange about the stables at the Moonlight Inn. And who are these mysterious young men?

A Day in the Life written by twisted_slinky, art by twisted_slinky for smalltrolven
Summary: The world isn't ending today, there's not a hunt lined up, and they now have the Men of Letters bunker to store their stuff inside, so Sam decides it's time they cleaned out the trunk of the Impala. Dean, however, doesn't care much for the idea. Thankfully, he has plenty of ways to get out of completing the chore.

Tham Thux at Thexy written by saberivojo, art by 2blueshoes for tifaching
Summary: Sixteen year old Dean's eighteen year old girlfriend tries to get him to pierce his ear. Or his tongue. Or anything else. He can do it or not. John can find out or not.

What I Did On Summer Vacation written by boysinperil, art by dollysdoodles for twisted_slinky
Summary: Outsider POV. Any season. How the superhero-like Winchesters appear through the eyes of a child (or group of children) being rescued

Sweet Cherry Pie written by dizzojay, art by nicole_sill for licklesoxy
Summary: Gabriel gifts the brothers with a pie, a magic, endless supply of cherry pie. Has he done this out of the goodness of his heart, or is there an ulterior motive? The brothers are suspicious, but Dean's belly trumps his brain every time. Dean's belly which is about to get very, very full!

Cream of Negotiation written by smalltrolven, art by lightthesparks for candygramme
Summary: Dean's sleepwalking, and Sam investigates, discovering the fairy that is supposed to clean the Bat Cave is using Dean in his sleep to do his jobs. A renegotiation of terms of service ensues.  Sam/Dean

Making the Best of It written by verucasalt123, art by etoile_etiolee for blackrabbit42
Summary: Snowed in, playing board games. Sam/Dean

It's Murder, But Is It Art? written by candygramme, art by dizzojay for cuddyclothes
Buying furniture for the Bat Cave--Ikea, a fancy store, thrift shop dump, I don't care. Now that they can pick and choose for the first time ever, they discover the other's REAL taste.

Dean and the Deathly Hallows written by lolaann1, art by candygramme for boysinperil
Summary: Thanks to Sam bringing a cat into the Bat Cave, Dean ends up dead before his time. Death agrees to bring him back, but insists he clean up the cat’s mess by himself.

Death by Unicorn Part 1, Part 2 written by tifaching, art by just_ruth for saberivojo
Summary: Sam spots a unicorn on a class trip to Busch Gardens. Now he's just got to get his brother to believe him.

Fake it Till You're Naked written by mandracoart bylylithj2for lj user="dizzojay" />
Summary: Sam doesn't think performing a naked ritual with his brother is going to be a problem

Hen Houses of the Holy written by cuddyclothes, art by etoile_etiolee for patriciatepes
Summary: There's a reason Dean has a special hatred for chickens

Lebanon, Kansas, Population: 364 written by antrazi, art by twisted_slinky for auntmo9
Summary: Buffy X-Over. Gabriel, in the bunker with Sam and Dean, not that they know he is there. Add some strangers in the town, mix well

Insect Repellent written by licklesoxy, art by patriciatepes for mamapranayama
Summary: Dean has one mission: Destroy Sam's sideburns. The task isn't as easy as he believes, though, and he ends up needing professional help to try and get the job done.

Peace in the Woods written by vexed_wench, art by weesta for yanyann
Summary: Sam gets an unexpected gift

The Old and the Restless written by auntmo9, art by licklesoxy for tattooeddevil
Summary: Besides the dead-man robe, there's also slippers and a leg-blanket and a rocking chair. Dean slowly transforms into an old man, while Sam frantically tries to find a cure.

It's a Kind of Magic written by tattooeddevil, art by angelus2hot for sylvia_locust
Summary: The case was straightforward enough; a spirit attacking prostitutes in San Francisco while they were chatting up a possible customer. And then they got the full lowdown. Imagine this: Sam’s linebacker shoulders, a slinky red dress and an overly excited crossdress store manager. It’s a recipe for disaster, as far as Sam is concerned.

We Might Die... So, Movie Night written by patriciatepes, art by lylithj2 for gryphon2k
Summary: Crowley holds a screening of a horror movie—the Exorcist, Paranormal Activity, for examples—and spends the whole time mocking it

What the World Needs Now written by gryphon2k, art by mamapranayama for antrazi
Summary:  Marcy Ward has thoughts and feels about Bobby during Weekend at Bobby's. And a VERY fertile imagination.

Touchstone written by yanyann, art by mandraco for jennytork
Summary: Sam and Dean are finally getting around to making the bat-cave their home, though the place still holds a few secrets.

The Code written by jennytork, art by gryphon2k for mandraco
Summary: This guy named Sam moved out of my room about six months ago -- and I'm still getting his mail. Wild postcards -- and the wildest thing about them is they're in code!

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