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This post is going to be a new link on the comm page.  It sort of follows-up on the idea behind the beta sign-up post.  We want to make sure that visitors (new and old) feel welcome here, and can get whatever information they may need to navigate fandom, write a story, create some art, etc.   This is a work in progress and I've just added a few off the top of my head to start.  Please let me know in the comments if you have any comms/links you think would be helpful here and I'll add them.  As you can see, I'm short on artistic resources.


Supernatural Wiki - a great resource for scripts, canon, minutiae, lists of conventions, you name it. I'm fairly sure they have a breakdown of what clothes the boys wore in each episode, seriouslyLink will take you off lj.

Winchester Bros - another great rescource for canon, articles, fandom news, etc.  They also host 'Winchester Radio' and are involved in a lot of fundraising efforts (bigpretzel linked to them for the Hurricane Sandy Relief auction)  Link will take you off lj.

spnnewsletter-  Daily newsletter that compiles all the goings-on in SPN fandom on LJ.   Definitely a good comm to watch for announcements about upcoming contests, news, and lists of fic/art you may have missed out on.

The CW Network Supernatural Page - U.S. episode schedules, previews, and streaming of the most recent eps Link will take you off lj.


fanfic_howto - A comm I created after I had such an epic struggle posting my first fanfics here on lj.  Basically, it gives an overview of how & where to post fanfic here and some html tips & tricks.  Multi-fandom.

theficcorner - ficwriter1966 created this on for anyone looking for feedback, writing advice, etc.  Multi-fandom.

spn_bunnies - lj comm for art and fic bunnies

spn_bigpretzel's own BETA post

spn_betas - community of those who've put up their services for beta'ing spn fic

Monsterpedia & The Bestiary - If you are looking for a cool monster to write about.  Links will take you off lj.

The Weapons Box - Site dedicated to identifying the weapons used on the series. Make your fic feel more "real" ;)  Link will take you off lj.


spn_caps - lj comm for screencaps

spnartsupport - lj comm for spn artists

spn_artfinders - lj comm for finding lost art and giving proper credit

spn_bunnies - lj comm for art and fic bunnies

Striped Wall  - Screencaps: Seasons 1-3  Link will take you off lj.

Oxoniensis - Screencaps: Seasons 1-5  Link will take you off lj.

Angel in Chains - Screencaps: Seasons 6-8 caps here. plus convention pics, news, etc.  Link will take you off lj

Screencapped.net - Screencaps: Season 1, 6, 7 & 8 Link will take you off lj.

Repro Images - Behind the scenes, official stills, promos all HQ  (you have to register and join the site) Link will take you off lj.

Screencaps/SPN locations (all seasons/episodes) Links will take you off lj.

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