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Title: Curtains
Genre: Gen
Rating: G
Summary: Sam's taste in clothing extends to interior decorating

“What are those?” Dean asked, a note of derision in his voice, as he entered the living room of the newly acquired fixer-upper.

“Curtains,” Sam informed him smugly. He was quite pleased with his choice. They really brightened up the place. Made it homey. And they’d even been on the clearance rack, so he’d got them at a bargain price.

“I can see they’re curtains,” Dean said, entirely failing to show the appropriate response to the new window dressings. “Why are they orange?”

“Orange is cheerful,” Sam said, trying not to sound defensive.

“That pattern looks like a herd of lions puked on it,” Dean informed him, flopping down on the threadbare second hand couch.

The couch was faded green, because everything Dean picked was faded green, with the occasional splash of grey thrown in for a bit of variety.

“It’s a pride of lions, Dean, and those are clearly leaves.”

“That’s not the point,” Dean said, his voice muffled by the grey-green shirt he was dramatically draping over his face so he couldn’t see the curtains. “Those things are an eyesore, Sam. And they match your shirt.”

Sam couldn’t see the resemblance between the curtains and his shirt. Well, maybe the colour was similar. But his shirt was printed with an abstract pattern, while the curtains were covered in autumn leaves. “They do not,” he protested, “And in case you hadn’t noticed, the couch matches your shirt. You’re also coordinated with the walls, your bedspread, and all of the towels. Excuse me for not picking curtains to match your eyes.”

Dean spluttered. “I don’t do that.”

But he totally did. Sam had figured out long ago that someone must have told Dean he looked good in green, and that Dean was designing his background to make himself look as good as possible. Nothing else could explain why his brother refused to buy anything that wasn’t unpatterned and in the black-grey-green colour range.

“I just don’t buy things that are hideous,” Dean continued, weakly defensive. “Seriously, it’s like you deliberately buy the ugliest thing in the store, every single time.”

Sam snorted and stood firm, refusing to take them down. Dean just had no taste.

Tags: fic: gen, rating: g, weekly theme

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