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Bidding is closed -- time to get to work!

phebemarie won fic from ficwriter1966 for $20
phebemarie won art from twisted_slinky for $20
lolaann1 won fic from cuddyclothes for $5
tifaching won fic from vexed_wench for $10
lolaann1 won fic from patriciatepes for $15
rince1wind won fic from twisted_slinky for $16
virtualpersonal won art from patriciatepes for $20
lolaann1 won fic from sameuspegasus for $15
ficwriter1966 won fic from tifaching for $20
colls won fic from tifaching for $10
tifaching won art from carole_cc for $15
weesta won art from mamapranayama for $5
harrigan won fic from mamapranayama for $5
ficwriter1966 won fic from yohkobennington for $10
tifaching won art from adrianneb78239 for $15
liliaeth won fic from candygramme for $35
tattooeddevil won jewelry from rince1wind for $20
colls won fic from lolaann1 for $10
lolaann1 won fic from cordy69 for $20
lolaann1 won art from twisted_slinky for $20
harrigan won fic from madame_naan for $10
virtualpersonal won art from licklesoxy for $15
virtualpersonal won art from colls for $25
tifaching won podfic from colls for $20
auntmo9 won fic from jennytork for $15
auntmo9 won fic from antrazi for $10
candygramme won fic and art from mandraco for $20
elfgirljen won fic from dizzojay for $5
dizzojay won art from twisted_slinky for $15
colls won fic from margi_lynn for $10
harrigan won fic from tattooeddevil for $5
lavishsqualor won fic from geckoholic for $5
ficwriter1966 won fic from stripytights for $10

Winners -- please head on over to's Hurricane Sandy fundraising page at and make your donation!  Then confirm with the artist/writer/artisan whose work you've won that you've made your donation, using whatever method works best for the two of you.  Once that's done, it's up to the talented folks who've offered their work to get their Muses busy!

Please note that for this particular fundraiser, it's not necessary to confine your fic or art to the rules of the comm (meaning, it doesn't have to be upbeat in nature, if your winning bidder would prefer something dark or angsty).  We'll be putting up a post where you can link to your finished piece(s) if they're on the darker side.  But if your work DOES fit the comm... FABULOUS!  Feel free to cross-post it here.  You're also free to cross-post to any other comms it's suitable for.

If you weren't able to offer work, or to bid, but you'd like to make a donation, please do.  Or, if you don't feel the American Red Cross is a good fit for you, we encourage you to make a donation to any of the worthy organizations who are working hard to get the victims of Hurricane Sandy back on their feet.  Many people are still without power, and many others have lost their homes and belongings.  ANYTHING you can do to help out will be appreciated.

And on behalf of all the mods, THANK YOU to everyone who's participating in this fundraiser!

Tags: hurricane sandy fandom auction
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