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ATTN ARTISTS: Here's your chance to claim a fic to do some art for.  Again, due to confidentiality, the comments will be screened and only visible to Lucifer's minions (i.e. the mods). 

Since it's short notice, no one is expecting a big bang's worth of art.  Think one banner and maybe an icon to go with it.  If you have time for more, that's awesome, but not expected.  Deadline is December 7.

I will need to know 2 things from all interested artists:
  1. At least your top 3 picks from the list below (This is first come/first served and you may not get your 1st or even 2nd choice.)
  2. How should your author get in touch with you?  PM or email?  If email, leave an address.

I will PM all artists re: which claim is theirs, along with the name of the author involved.

List of Stories/Prompts

#1.  Prompt: Holiday at Bobby's, everyone/anyone can show up, bonus points if Bobby, John or Rufus.

       Here's a small blurb that will hopefully entice an artist:

[Story Excerpt]
Bill laughs drunkenly.

“It’s not even your holiday, Turner! Stay away from the Christmas eggnog.”

Rufus scowls at him with an eye roll.

“That doesn’t mean I don’t participate in the alcohol side of the festivities. Opportunism and that.”

Rufus takes a spot next to Ellen, and starts cooing at the baby softly. When everyone else in the room falls silent in shock, he raises an eyebrow.


John struggles out of his seat and wobbles over to the eggnog bowls.

“I need more alcohol for this cute shit.”

“Oooooh, daddy, you said shit!”

John turns around to find his youngest son pointing at him with a shocked expression on his face while his oldest son is behind Sammy trying not to laugh at John’s mistake. Bobby, Ellen, Bill, and Rufus wear the same expression, and John knows he is never going to win this one. He sighs and gestures to everyone in the room with a sweep of his hand.

“Go on, laugh.”

The immediate bark of laughter from everyone in the room scares baby Jo again, and she starts crying.

“I think that’s my cue to put her down for the night. Don’t drink all the eggnog while I’m gone!”

As Ellen disappears upstairs, John ruffles Sammy’s hair and settles back down on the couch.

“That was a bad thing of me to say, Sammy. Don’t repeat it, okay?”

Sammy actually rolls his eyes, reminding John he needs to talk to Dean about doing things his little brother copies.

“Yeah Dad, I know. It’s a bad word and if I say it, Santa won’t bring me my presents.”

Sometimes the holidays make such good excuses to keep his children in line.


Bobby catches his eyes from across the room and gestures to the gifts under the tree. He follows it up with what John can only describe as the worst example of charades he’s ever seen, but he gets the gist of it. He nods; yes, he still needs to hit the shops for presents for his boys tomorrow. Or maybe it was the best example of charades ever. Huh.

And a little second blurb, just because I can ;)

He follows Ellen back downstairs and, sure enough, Bobby is sitting on a chair next to the pool in just his shirt and boxers, his feet dangling in the water. Rufus is in a similar state, and Bill is standing in the middle of the room still fully clothed, but looking guiltily at Ellen. Ellen rolls her eyes with a laugh and starts taking her shoes off.

“Just do it, Harvelle.”

Really, the only normal thing to do here is join in. He puts an extra chair by the pool, strips off his shoes, socks, and jeans and sits down with his feet in the water. Huh, it is really nice and warm. And if he doesn’t think about the fact that they’re five adults sitting around drinking eggnog in their underwear with their feet in a kiddy pool, he might actually not burst into uncontrollable laughter.

And then the next dilemma announces itself.

“We’re out of eggnog.”

Bill looks at John, John looks at Rufus, Rufus looks at Ellen, and Ellen sighs and gestures to Bobby to get up.

“Seriously, what would you do without me?”

“Crash and burn, baby, crash and burn.”

Ellen sticks her tongue out at Bill and drags Bobby to his own kitchen to whip up another batch of eggnog. A comfortable silence settles over the three remaining men, and John suddenly feels tired. It has been a very long time since he got to just sit and relax while getting drunk. No anger, no stress, no sadness. Just a pleasant buzz and his kids safe and asleep upstairs.

“Bobby, you bastard!”

Ellen laughs and Bobby giggles. Giggles. Rufus meets John’s eyes and John shrugs.

“I heard it too, he fucking giggled.”

Ellen comes in carrying a new bowl of eggnog, followed by a blushing Bobby with a second bowl. Bill nudges John and smirks at Bobby.

“Hey there, chuckles.”

#2.   Prompt:  Boys are at Bobby's house for year's end and Dean is really sick/worried to hell for his dad. Bobby and Sam decide
       to lighten things up a bit n make the new years eve or thanks giving or christmas special for Dean. (Prefrably wee!chesters
       but coulb be teen!chesters too, Umm Gen please?)
        Note: The boys will be like 4ish and 8ish so Dean is old enough to question and Bobby just wants to make it 'normal'.
        My usual Wee!Sammy trying to be helpful

#3.  Prompt: There's an angel on top of the Christmas tree. No, really, there's an angel on top of the Christmas tree.
       Note: That angel is Balthazar ;)  The fic is already done and ready to be sent out to an artist.

#4.  Prompt: It's the game of the year: Who finds the lamest present to give to each other? A week long present swap, running   
       between Christmas and New Year. Who will win, Sam or Dean?
        Note: Set at non-specific time in series (not pre or post)

#5 Prompt: During Dean’s year in Purgatory, Sam takes a seasonal job at the Best Buy in Pasadena, California. In the middle of a particularly trying December Saturday, Sam’s status as the Geek Squad’s best and brightest new employee is tested by an overbearing theoretical physicist named Sheldon Cooper. Expect cameo appearances by favorite characters from both the Supernatural and Big Bang universe, including the return of a red-headed computer hacker who challenges Penny’s title of “Queen of the Nerds”.

#6 Prompt: Santa (Yes, the real Santa) visits the Weechesters after receiving Dean's letter to the North Pole.
Note: I haven't started it (see list of other challenges, LMAO), but I do know that it'll just be a little short aww fic that ends with John coming home and being slightly freaked/intrigued that Santa both exists and was talking with his boys. I think I might have Santa impart some wisdom--morality wisdom, not canon storyline wisdom--to Dean b/c Dean's a bit angry about John being gone on a hunt for yet another Christmas

#7 Prompt: Sam didn't really have a full ride to Standford. At some point while he is at college, he discovers that Dean has secretly been paying his tuition by modelling/acting e.g. on Dark Angel or Dawson's Creek
Note: Fic is written and ready to be sent to an artist.

#8 Prompt: It's that time of year, and the Winchesters want to give Bobby his favorite gift--alcohol. But the company that makes his favorite brand of beer is no longer in business. What a misadventure this will be!
Note: I have not started writing yet, but the premise will be that the boys start shopping very late and when they can't find Bobby's favorite beer they have to taste test many, many other brands until they find one that tastes as much like ass as the one they've been buying for Bobby since they first got fake ids.

#9 Prompt: All the SPN angels trying to get through Christmas dinner without anyone killing a sibling.

#10 Prompt: Castiel's first Christmas with the boys.

#11 Prompt: Winter Solstice at the Roadhouse - mix in as many traditions as you like with assorted hunters.
Note: Basically, in Ash's bit of Heaven he invites the hunters who knew Sam and Dean to come together and watch the boys celebrate Christmas. Ash, the Harvelles, John, Mary, Bobby, Rufus and Pastor Jim will all be there. "AHTV (Ash's Heavenly TV is way better than Angel radio!")

#12 Prompt: John and Mary's first XMas with Dean.
Note: Mary looked down at the bundle in her arms, a smile firmly in place. Dean was snuggled in her arms and Jon lay beside her, snoring lightly. It may not have been the most peaceful Christmas, but it was her first with her baby boy and the love of her life, and that made it perfect.

#13 Prompt: Michael being an awesome big brother to Gabriel.
Note: I'm doing a 'five times Michael saved Gabriel' thing

#14 Prompt: Dean buys a gift for the Impala
Note:  So far, all I have is the general idea, wherein Dean enlists Cas’ help to go Christmas shopping. Cue Dean explaining the concept to Cas and Cas mistakenly thinking he is helping Dean shop for Sam. No, Dean explains, he can easily get Sam a gift card from the Geek Squad at Best Buy, and throw in something from the convenience store or old times sake. What Dean is really stressed out about is finding the perfect gift for Baby. And he can’t take her to go shopping because then she would know what he bought her. So can’t his buddy Cas help him out even it means Dean won’t poop week?

#15 Prompt: Being king of hell is not all rainbows and two-headed puppies for Crowley. How is it really?
Note: Basically, it's about Crowley hating the bureaucracy of being King of Hell, looking to his hellhound for comfort & forcing Meg & Ruby to attend a staff meeting in his place because they annoyed him. Is that enough info?

#16 Prompt: Sam and Dean send Bobby packages for the twelve days of Christmas ‘Winchester Style.’ I have it mostly planned out right now, though I'm missing a few of the gifts. It will primarily be Bobby's POV and set roughly around season 2.
Note: Author has a fun list of gifts already planned out, so you can coordinate with her to tailor the fic.

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