I want another pony (verucasalt123) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,
I want another pony

Here are some stories

that I have written long ago, but I don't think I posted them here. Honestly, much of what I write doesn't fit into the theme of this comm, but a few do:

You Can't Be Serious A hunt in Amityville?

Girl, You Know It's Just A Show A discussion among SPN fangirls. Gen.

Baby Just Give Me One Reason Dean gets laid at Lilith Fair. Het.

Atlanta Vacation The boys take a break. Gen.

Do I Look Nuts To You? The hunt for MOTHMAN.

Road Trip Sam and Dean agree to terms. Wincest.

Distracted Sammy's just not getting enough attention. Wincest.

Hope you will click and read and enjoy :)
Tags: crack, dean, fic: gen, fic: het, fic: misc, rating, sam

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