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SPN FIC - And the Winner Is...

If you're in the mood for something a little schmoopy, a little silly -- the boys with a home base where they can take a breath and recharge...  Yeah, curtain!fic.  I've been building up a new little 'verse along those lines, where Sam and Dean are the new owners of a small farm outside a tiny town in Iowa.  This is the latest entry, where Dean's involved in a local contest.  And (of course) WINS.

Hope it brings you a smile.  :)

So? Definitely possible Dean had won a prize. More than likely the Impala was involved, since Dean hadn't lost any weight. Hadn't collected the most old newspapers or planted trees, hadn't come up with the most creative slogan for… anything.

CHARACTERS: Dean and Sam
GENRE: Gen (AU, curtain!fic)
LENGTH: 1485 words

( And the Winner Is... )

(If you're interested in more, the master list is here.)
Tags: dean, fic: gen, rating: pg, sam

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