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Summer Lovin Reverse Mini Bang Fic: Family

Title: Family
Author: Vexed
Summary: Dean deals with the suspicions of yet another babysitter while waiting for John to come home.
Artist: mamapranayama
Beta: cheshirejin
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sammy, OC's, and John
Genre: Slice of Life
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 2370
Warning: none

mamapranayama made this wonderful picture and when I saw it I just fell in love with it. You can see the love they all have for each other so clearly. I hope I have managed to capture that feeling as well.


Dean Winchester listened in horror as his little brother chatted with the newest babysitter John had found.

Sammy had told her that Daddy made his monies by selling things to people from the car. The he would go away for a while but always came home. That she should know to never ever look in the trunk of the ‘Pala. Bad stuffs stays in there. Sammy told her that John kept things back there that could hurt someone really bad. That even Dean wasn’t allowed to touch the hurty things.

By the time Dean had got home from school the woman was actually digging through the closets and cabinets. Thankfully John was just moments behind Dean. The old bat was rambling on about the cops coming and that the social services wouldn't be far behind. That someone that obviously sold drugs or guns like John did, should not have such precious angels with him.

John explained that he sold medical supplies and was on the road often drumming up new clients. That when school was on a break he preferred to keep the boys with him. That he was shocked she had taken the word of a three year old so seriously, he had assumed she would know better than to do that. She had told him about all of her experiences with younger kids when he spoke with her about the job.

She still didn’t look like she trusted them as she apologized, while nearly running Dean over as she fled the house.

John and Dean had packed the place up in record time and were, with any luck, going to be miles down the highway before she had a chance to phone the cops.

There had been the one before her that Sammy had sworn to secrecy, telling her that his name wasn’t really Sammy Morrison. That daddy played a game with them and they had a new name every time they stopped in a new place. I am never, not Sammy, just lots of different Sammys.

Dean had tried to quickly think of an excuse to head off the mess that was going to blow off that one. Sadly he just didn’t have enough life experience to pull it off.

Dean did the next best thing, while Sammy kept all of her attention on him he quietly packed their bags. As luck would have it they were leaving tomorrow anyway, so all of John’s stuff was already packed and stored in the Impala. They were currently renting a small fixer upper that had seen better days, in Tennessee. Dean knew John’s next job was in Texas, but he was still leery of the looks the hag was giving them.
He had seen it enough times over the last few years, Dean thought. The one that said what precious boys he and Sammy were. Also that John was a grade a asshole. Dean figured if Dad could call Caleb that when he knew Dad was right it must be an okay cuss. Dean wasn’t crazy enough to say it aloud, but it sounds right in his head.

Dean made sure Ms.Asshole heard him ask Sammy about if he was excited to see their Uncle in California next week. That way he figured if she sent the children services people after them, they would look in California and they would be safe in Texas.

Dean did a quick check to make sure he had grabbed everything both boys would want to take with them. He recalled a tear filled week not too long ago when he had overlooked Sammy’s Mister Jeepers. It broke Dean’s heart to listen to Sammy cry and sniffle over the loss of his bear. Dean had spent every afternoon after school hunting down a bear that was close to Mister Jeepers.

He knew Sammy was too smart to accept a fake bear as his Mister Jeepers, so Dean convinced him that the new one was Mister Jeepers brother. He told Sammy that Mister Jeepers the first had to go away, but he sent this Mister Jeepers to keep him company.

Dean waited on the porch, he knew it wouldn’t be long before he saw the Impala turn into their driveway.

Dean went over his check list one last time in his head. He had no doubt that as soon as John rushed the hag out they would take off for Texas. Dean was pulled from his musing by the familiar rumble of the Impala. Dean watched as the shiny black car pulled up the driveway.

“Dean?” John knew there had to be something wrong for Dean to be waiting out here for him. John looked for Sammy running wild in the yard and his absence confirmed the fact for him. He knew Dean hated to have his little brother out of his sight. Dean was even worse about leaving him with strangers. Dean always treated new people like they were going grab his brother and steal him away. John knew it was for the best, that he would have less to worry about. Dean took his job of watching out for Sammy more serious than most of the grown men John had ever worked with.
John stopped in front of his eldest son waiting to hear what had happened this time. John had a suspicion, but he waited to hear what Dean thought and had done to fix it.

“Sammy the mouth, Sir.” Dean explained before continuing, “I have our bags packed over there. I did a complete walk through and there is nothing left that we will need. Also nothing of ours that can be traced back to us ”

“Good job son. One to ten how bad is it, and what have I done this time?” John was getting tired of dealing with the drama fests when he returned from the latest hunt. He knew it was important to hunt down any lead that could point him to the demon. If he got a little extra payback against all the other evil bastards that he found, it was worth it. He just couldn’t wait until Sammy was old enough to not be the center of the homecoming drama. He just hoped that Sammy would settle down and fall into the rhythm of their life like Dean.

“I would say a solid eight, and you kidnapped Sammy.” Dean sounded as weary as John felt.

John watched as his eldest walked around the car, mentally checking everything he could see. John knew that it wouldn’t be long before Dean would be insisting he was old enough to work on her as well. He always did have a soft spot for the old girl. He knew in a different life he and Dean would have a great garage. Winchester and Sons, John knew it was a silly dream now. He had to get his head together and go convince the old woman in the house that he did not steal Sammy from anyone. Days like this he wonders why he would even think about doing it.

“Dean, if I did steal him, do you think we could return him?” John asked as he made his way to the front door. John listened as Dean cursed under his breath that there was no way in hell he would trade his Sammy for anything. John knew his offhand comment would have Dean to mad to be worried. Sometimes he worried that his eldest kid was going to have a stroke before he was ten.

John hurried through the door and saw Sammy sitting next to Mrs. Jones on the old battered sofa that came with the house

“Mr. Morrison,” her voice was sharp enough to cut glass.
“Daddy, I’m hungry can we go eats now?” Sammy asked as he launched himself at John.

John caught him mid leap off of the ugly sofa.

“We will go in a bit, Sammy. Why don’t you go see what Dean is doing, he looked kind of sad when I came in.” John swung him around so he was closer to the door. He was not surprised to see Sammy go flying out and wailing for his brother at the top of his lungs. Sammy would do his best to make his Dean smile now that he knew he was sad.

John listened for a moment and could hear Sammy singing the alphabet song, lately he had gotten more of the letters right then not. John knew that it was because of Dean. John had tried to explain to Dean that the difference between them would not matter in a few years. Like say, when Dean was twenty and Sammy was sixteen. John tried to explain to Dean, he couldn't expect Sammy to be able to learn the same things at the same pace he did. That he needed to remember Sammy was still a baby. He was proud when Dean looked him right in the eye and told him, “No Sir, my Sammy is not stupid and not a baby. He can do anything and he will.”John had watched as Dean grabbed Sammy and started his ‘teach Sammy everything I know lessons’. If Dean had it his way Sammy would skip kindergarten and head right to Dean’s class. Some days John thought they might just do it. Dean always wanted what was best for Sammy, and Sammy just wanted to be like Dean.

John knew they would both be fine outside, and Dean would keep Sammy busy and out of earshot.
“I must inform you, Mr. Morrison that young Sammy has told me some very interesting things today. You may not be aware of this, being new to our town, but my uncle is the chief of police. I hope you have a good reason why I shouldn’t call him. He would be here in the next twenty minutes, quicker if I told him I was worried about the safety of those poor boys.

Something is definitely not right with this family,Mr. Morrison. Sammy told me you change his last name, often. Dean, has been going on about spending time with their uncle in California, Sammy says they have no uncles. Care to explain what this all means?” She bore her steely gray eyes into John.

John had faced down scarier things than a nosey old woman.

“Mrs. Jones I am surprised at you, you have me already tried and found guilty of what exactly? The fact is that Sammy is still having trouble with his new last name. Did you stop to think there might be a reason he has a new one? Dean is a kid I know, but he could have told you if you had asked him. Sammy and Dean swear they are brothers, but really they are cousins. My late wife was out for an afternoon drive with her sister and a drunk driver hit them. I had to bury my wife and her sister after that. Sammy’s dad ran off as soon as he heard that Sammy was going to be born. Dean and I are all the family that boy has, I wasn’t going to let him go live in some foster home. Strangers raising my wife’s family, the thought of that was unacceptable. It was not easy to convince the court that a grieving man should not only keep his own son, but take on a toddler as well. I fought them and I won, I love that boy like he was my own. I adopted Sammy and his name was changed after that. He still thinks it should be hyphenated I think. That is why he has trouble with it. It was a long battle to make things happen, I lost my job and am now doing what I can to keep the boys together and happy. We may not be what you thought we were but, I refused to turn my back on my sister in law's child. As far as their uncle goes, he is my brother and had never met Sammy. He offered me a job and a place to stay if we needed it.” John calmly explained to her.

“Oh, dear, Mr. Morrison I had no idea. That is very noble of you to take on a child that is not yours. I am so sorry I misjudged you. Poor little Sammy, to think he has faced such hardship in his short life.” She hurried to the door.

John vaguely heard her say goodbye to the boys. He made a quick circuit around the rental house, knowing it really wasn’t necessary. He knew Dean never did things by half, if he said he got everything then there would be nothing left to find. John knew after the bear incident Dean now checked every inch of the rooms. Dean had been the one to fix that everlasting temper tantrum. John wondered how his boys could be so different. Dean had lost every toy he had when their house burned down, and he didn’t cry. Sammy had lost one stuffed bear and cried for a week.

John stopped just outside the door to listen to Dean.

“Sammy, you have to remember not to tell strangers anything about our life.”

“You want me to lie?” Sammy sounded confused.

“No, Sammy, it is not a lie. It’s a game. Like hide and seek, when you hide and I have to find you. It is like that only you are hiding the stuff other people can’t know. I know you can do that Sammy. I know it’s hard, but you can do it. If anyone really bugs about anything tell them to ask me. I am your big brother; there is nothing I don’t know.” Dean sounded older than his seven years, and it broke John’s heart just a little.

“How about we go grab some food and then hit the road?” John knelt down and grabbed both his boys into a tight hug. He wanted to put as many miles between them and Mrs. Jones’s conscience as he could. No one would ever come between John and his boys.
Tags: dean, fic: gen, john, rating: pg, sam, summer lovin reverse mini bang, weechesters

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  • DEW: Heat of the Moment

    HEAT OF THE MOMENT Rating: K+ Genre: Humour Characters: Sam and Dean Spoilers/Warnings: None Word Count: 200 Disclaimer: I don’t own…

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