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You guys have spoken!

A few days ago, I ran a poll asking if you guys wanted spn_bigpretzel to shift its rules a bit and include material focused on the actors rather than the characters.  And you spoke up in no uncertain terms!

So, we'll keep the rules as is.  For anyone who's joined the comm recently (and those of you who belong to 250 different comms, and can't keep all the various rules straight), here's a reminder:

--  Posts should be in keeping with the comm's theme, The Lighter Side of Supernatural.  Humorous.  Schmoopy.  Anything that's going to prompt a giggle or an "Awwwww" from your fellow members.

--  Focus on the characters.  Anything based on the episodes is fine, as are fic and art spun off of the gag reels, and on-set still photos (whether taken on location or at the studio).  What doesn't fit here?  Photos/vids of the actors at cons, at red carpet events, or going about their private lives.  Posts celebrating Sam's and Dean's birthdays are A-OK.  Birthday posts for Jensen and Jared ... no go.

And that's about it!  Simple, right?

Thanks once again to all of you for being so utterly awesome to each other.  We've been around for 6 months, and we haven't had a single incident of flaming or inappropriate behavior.  You conducted a Sam vs. Dean competition for 5 weeks without it ever devolving into open warfare ... something that's pretty rare in this fandom.  So pat yourselves on the back, because you ROCK!

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