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King of the high Board

After a mad, mad month, it's great to get back to the wonderful world of fanfic - I've missed you guys :)

So herewith, to celebrate my return to the fray, here's a little bit of Olympic themed fun and, guess what, Dean's not wearing much at all :)


Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count: 200

Disclaimer: Don't own them, wished on a star - didn't work


A motel with a pool is a rare treat for the boys ... it's easy to get carried away in the excitement.

I couldn't resist an Olympic themed drabble:  Here is the king of the high board and a very enthusiastic commentator.


... and the aquatic centre falls silent as Dean Winchester, the USA's gold medal hope here in the 10m platform diving steps onto the high-board.

This man is a living embodiment of the Olympian ideal; a perfectly sculpted, god-like creature. One could imagine him hewn out of marble as he stands motionless on the edge of the board, silently fortifying himself for his dive.

My word, such utter perfection made flesh; words can't do this vision before me justice. At least three over-excited female members of the crowd are receiving medical attention ooh, and a young man over there too; well I never!

He's going to be attempting the most difficult dive in history; a quadruple-and-a-half somersault with triple twist in the pike position. It's so difficult, the diving authorities haven't even worked out a points value for it yet.

Well here goes; the crowd holds its breath in rapt anticipation as the USA camp's all-American hero Dean ...

... Dean


Dean's eyes snapped open to see Sam standing beside the pool, hands planted irritably on his hips.

"Dean, will you just jump off the goddamn diving board already? There's a queue of boy scouts behind you waiting to use it."



Tags: dean, drabbles, fic: gen, sam

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