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Katherine (Kat)

The Master of All MasterLists (bow before it)

Bored? Need something to look at or read?

This be THE spot for MasterLists of the results of various challenges, complete with links.  Just remember it's NEVER too late to leave some love to the authors & artists.

Spring 2012 Fic Exchange

Spring 2013 Fic Exchange

Team Dean Fic MasterList (from Summer 2012)

Team Sam Fic MasterList (from Summer 2012)

Team Sam Art MasterList (from Summer 2012)

Video Links from the Keep on the Sunny Side Vid Challenge

Summer Lovin' Reverse Mini Bang (Summer 2012)

Halloween Reverse Micro Bang (2012)

Secret Satan Holiday Fic Exchange (2012)
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  • DEW: Trappings of Fame

    Title: Title: Trappings of Fame Prompt: DEW Challenge: alternative Sam and Dean & sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll. SPN100 Challenge:…

  • DEW: The Dean Winchester Guide to Fitness

    THE DEAN WINCHESTER GUIDE TO FITNESS Rating: K+ Genre: Humour Characters: Sam and Dean Spoilers/Warnings: None Word Count: 100 Disclaimer: I…

  • DEW: Winchester Walk

    Title: Title: Winchester Walk Prompt: DEW Challenge: A Winchester(s) of your choice& walk. SPN100 Challenge: build Genre: humour Characters:…

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