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Comment Fic Memes and Prompty Stuff

Many of these memes and wishlists are long deceased, BUT that doesn't mean they can't still provide some inspiration for anyone looking for a prompt to base some fic or art on. There's also no reason you can't fill prompts that have already been filled or use them as a jumping-off point for something a bit different. Sometimes all you need is a nudge or a fresh idea.

If you do fill one of these older prompts do make a comment to the original prompt so that the prompter gets a heads-up about it and can enjoy the fruits of your efforts :-)

Outsider POV Comment Fic Meme - 2013

Endless Summer Comment Fic & Art Meme

Spring 2013 Fic Exchange, Left Over Prompts Free For All

Sharp Dressed Man: Comment Fic & Art Meme

Winter Fun: Comment Fic & Art Meme

Resolutions Comment Fic & Art Meme

I Didn't Know You... Comment Fic & Art Meme

Summer Fun Comment Fic Meme

Keeping Cool Comment Fic Meme

Outsider POV Comment Fic Meme

The Very First Com Comment Fic Meme

Team Dean Wishlist (Dean-flavored requests for fics, art, gifs, etc)

Team Sam Wishlist (Sam-flavored requests for fics, art, gifs, etc)

Adopt a Bunny Free for All

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