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Summer Lovin' Reverse Big Bang: The Persistence Of Memory

Title: The Persistence Of Memory
Author: jennytork
Summary: They've been to Hell. Dean's been to Purgatory. But the knowledge that Dean is married -- that might just be the most jarring thing that Sam's had to face.
Artist: mandraco
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, Lisa, Ben
Genre: Het, fix-it fic, semi-curtain fic
Rating: PG (some language)
Wordcount: 1907
Warning: Spoilers through all aired episodes to posting date. AU. Little action, lot of talk.
Disclaimer: They're not mine -- and the way I treat them, perhaps that's a good thing!
Author's Notes: Betaed by ramblin_rosie and carole_cc.

The Persistence Of Memory
Tags: art: het, au, dean, fanart, fic: het, lisa, rating: pg, sam, season 8, summer lovin reverse mini bang

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