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Fic: In the PINK of health..

Title:In the PINK of health
Show: Supernatural
Author: dollysdoodles  (and my stupid best friend who lost her Lj user id)
Genre: GEN
Characters: Dean, Sam, Bobby
Tags: Hurt!Dean, Crazy!Dean, Humour, Exasperated!Sam and PinkLollies!!
Words: 1765
Spoilers:Season 6, a few mentions of a certain episode where Dean asks Sammy to FIGHT THE FAIRIES!
Summary: Sam really wasn't believing it.This had to be a crazy joke. His brother was sitting in front of him, crosslegged, sucking on a pink lollipop and that right there was just so very wrong !
Disclaimer: Sammy and Dean Winchester are very happy and satisfied that they don't belong to me. If they did, they would have surely strangled me with a pink muffler by now.
1> This story was written in a most bizarre way. Me and my friend(Simi) were enduring our respective classes at the university, when things got just way too boring. So we started texting each other and ended up writing this story based on an old prompt none of us remembers from where.Yes! believe me. This whole part was written after refining some 27 text messages.
2>I think we might have gone a little over board with it?Lolz
3>This piece of writing is Un-Betaed because we wanted to keep it as close to those texts as we could. Today had been a memorable day.
4>Err this might not ne during summer I guess.
Author's Note: This story is real close to my heart. Hope you guys would like it. Feedback is like a tasty pink lollipop. So the more the merrier:) This fic has one more part that would be up soon
Tags: dean, fic: gen, sam, season 6

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