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Summer Lovin' Reverse Mini Bang Check-In

banner by mandraco

The official finish line for the Summer Lovin' Reverse Mini Bang is tomorrow - Labor Day (Monday, Sept 3).  A few of us have already finished and posted our fics. (I'll put together a handy-dandy masterlist with links to all the completed fics later).  I know it's VERY last minute, but I am curious about the rest of the participants.  Are you good to go? Almost there? Do you maybe need a lifeline or an extension? Are real life issues and/or a stubborn muse going to force you to drop out?  If so, that is understandable, but would be nice to know so that we can arrange for someone else to step up and produce some fic for the art.

Drop a line in the comments, because I'm very excited to see what you've all come up with! And I also want to remind all the other com members that they need to be prepared for some great fic and art tomorrow. Be sure to show BOTH the artist and the author your love.

Below is the list of authors/artists. Let me know if I've made any mistakes.

annie46 claimed: Sam and Jess at the beach by mandraco
tattooeddevil  claimed: Bobby Lovin' by twisted_slinky
just_ruth claimed: Jo, Cas and the Mystery Man by patriciatepes
lolaann1 claimed: Stargazing by just_ruth
twisted_slinky claimed: The Tiki Bar Is Open by just_ruth
anniespinkhouse claimed: Sandcastle by jenilees
jennytork claimed: For the Love of Baseball by mandraco
jennytork claimed: Sand, Surf, and What? by just_ruth
vexed_wench claimed: Reunion by mamapranayama
twisted_slinky claimed: Dean/Jo by twisted_slinky
patriciatepes claimed: Crime Scene Do Not Cross by dollysdoodles
verucasalt123 claimed: Drunk Sam Danger by dollysdoodles

Update: Yay! I've heard from everyone who hasn't already posted their story. Sounds like you're all on schedule or very close to it.  Good Times :-)

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