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SPN FIC - One Hundred

Are you one of those SPN fans who's hoping for a happy ending?  Or at least, an ending where everybody's not dead?

Back in the summer of 2008, I put this little piece together: a happy ending for Bobby, in which our favorite Grumpy Old Man lives to turn 100 years old, surrounded by his family.  It's part of my Hope Verse, in which Sam and Dean have both found mates, and kids, and a home in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.  Things aren't perfect, but they're ... hopeful.

The smirk is still there, the flash in Dean's green eyes.  He grasps Bobby's shoulder firmly, but carefully.  The warmth of his hand, slight as it is, feels good.  These days, anything that generates heat is good.

Characters:  Bobby, Dean, Sam, various OCs
Genre:  Gen
Rating:  PG, for language
Spoilers:  none
Length:  2199 words

(The master list and background for the Hope Verse are here.)
Tags: au, bobby, dean, fic: gen, sam

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