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We're in the market for some lieutenants!

Hey, all ...

As you may have noticed, auntmo9 and I haven't been dancing around the comm as frequently as we did, back during those first couple of months.  I've got a new job that doesn't allow me to check LJ during the day, so I'm limited to a very few minutes early in the morning, and another short stretch of time in the evening.  And poor auntmo9 has been pedal-to-the-metal with her job, with barely any time left over to sleep.

You guys have been awesome at playing by the rules in our absence, keeping up the positive atmosphere and posting TONS of stuff for everyone to enjoy.  That's great, but auntmo9 and I would like to kick things back up a notch, and for that to happen, we need to recruit another co-mod or two.

If you're interested in tackling the job -- if you've got time each day to check in at the comm, and feel that you can contribute a continuing supply of building materials for your fellow members to work with (polls, challenges, memes, recs, etc.), drop me a PM and we'll chat about it.  Previous experience modding a comm would be good, but it's not essential.  The goal would be to keep spn_bigpretzel an *active* place, with something new posted every day, particularly during hiatus.  If you feel you're up to the task, jot down your qualifications and what you'd like to add to the mix if we tap you as co-mod, and we'll see what evolves!
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