Ruth (just_ruth) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

How "Changing Channels" Should have ended.

I can't seem to make these 100 words if I try. . .

Title: How “Changing Channels” should have ended.
Author: Just Ruth
Disclaimer: Supernatural is the property of Eric Kripke and the CW. Special Guest is property of Warner Bros. Studio. Characters/Situations are being borrowed for entertainment purposes only. You think anyone would pay me for this?
Rating: G
Genre: Gen
Characters/Pairings: Dean, Sam, Gabriel and Special Guest
Summary: He’s not your ordinary Trickster.
Word Count: 149

The blond man they knew as the Trickster stood blinking in the circle of flames.

"Prove you're not an angel," said Dean, "Get out of the circle."

The Trickster shrugged. "Ok, you asked for it." A circle sank into the floor with him riding it like an elevator.

"He got out!" Sam yelped. Someone tapped him on the shoulder. Both brothers turned.

A six-foot gray rabbit stood nonchalantly munching a carrot. "What's up, Doc?" he asked.

A shotgun suddenly appeared in Sam's hands. Before he could react, the rabbit stuck two fingers in it and it exploded - leaving Sam's dazed face blackened.

"Hey!" Dean yelped. The rabbit grabbed him by the ears and pulled him into a full-face kiss that left him spitting and sputtering.

"Ain't I a stinker?" the rabbit asked the audience behind the camera before he ran off laughing with a swirl of music.
Tags: author:just_ruth, dean, gabriel, sam, season 5

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