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The Birthday Cupcake

Title: The Birthday Cupcake
Genre: Gen (wee!chesters)
Length: Very short

A/N: My first attempt at wee!chesters. Off the cuff. No editing or checking. Inspired by my mother deciding to make a birthday cupcake for the little boy she helps with reading, because nobody else was making him a birthday cake.

Dean stared at Mrs Brown in confusion. It had never occurred to him that someone might make him a birthday cake. Did she not know that Dad was a man? "No," he said, and returned to writing his story about his birthday tomorrow.

Mrs Brown helped Dean with his reading and writing. Sometimes he needed extra help, because he had to stay home from school a lot to look after Sammy, or he couldn't go to school because they were moving. He wrote: I think I am getting a car. Mrs Brown smiled at him, because he spelled it all right.


The next day, Dean was grumpy. The present Dad had given him had been a car, but it had been a dumb jeep, and not an Impala like Dad's. And Sam had got the last of the Lucky Charms again, because he'd thrown a fit until Dean had let him have them, even though it was Dean's birthday. Dean had had to eat toast, and couldn't be mad at Sam, because Sam was only three, and didn't understand the importance of other people's birthdays.

Dean grumped all the way through class and drew a monster during art, when he was meant to be drawing a dog, and glared his boring math book, which was full of stuff he could already do.

Mrs Brown came after lunch and took him to the reading room. He glowered at her.

"Happy birthday, Dean," she said, and took a small plastic container out of her bag.

Dean peeked inside. His eyes widened. There was a cupcake in it. It was chocolate, with chocolate frosting and a blue paper case and dinosaur sprinkles. It was kind of messy, so he knew it was homemade.

He ate it in five bites and didn't save any for Sam.


The end.

Tags: dean, fic: gen, rating: g, weechesters

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