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Team Dean: Stoned

I'm delighted to present a brace of drabbles concerning our lovely boy under the influence of certain hallucinogenic substances ...
Dean doesn't need any nefarious help to get off his face when there are so many other opportunities during the course of his everyday life!

Disclaimer: Don't own them, just pretend.

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count: 100

A missing scene from 7.03, The Girl next Door (vague spoilers)

A missing scene from 7.03, The Girl next Door (vague spoilers) ... Dean's finding out that a bad situation can actually be rather good under the right circumstances!


Whooping with joyful exhilaration, he sat tight on the galloping unicorn's back, clinging to it's silvery flanks.

It leapt exuberantly into the rhinestone sky, leaving behind it a rolling, dreamy landscape dotted with pizza trees and beer lakes, soaring across the crystal bright clouds. It swooped deeply and tossed a mist of stardust from it's ivory mane. A floating kaleidoscope illuminated its wake, tracing the perfect arc of a rainbow which billowed along behind it.

In the sunlit distance, Hendrix saluted them with a screaming riff.


Dean gave a crooked, drug-addled smile.

This freakin' morphine was well worth breaking his leg for.




Genre: Humour
Rating: K+
Word Count: 100

A Winchester tip - whenever you gank a witch, always make sure to raid her vegetable garden afterwards.

We join the brothers in the motel room, just finishing their supper …


"Hey-yy-eyy Shammy," Dean drawled, kicking at Sam's legs under the table.

"Yeah?" Sam replied, unsuccessfully suppressing a giggle.

"I' m flyin'," Dean chuckled, "here I go … wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Making swooping motions with his arms, Dean somehow managed to slap himself in the ear.


"Y-you jus' smacked y'shelf, dude," Sam snorted gleefully.

"Well, I prob'ly desherved it," Dean mumbled, rubbing the wrong ear.

Still laughing helplessly, Sam toppled backwards off his chair; "I felled o-off the d-dumb chair," he sniggered from the floor.

Dean grinned droopily; drifting cross-eyed and flapping his arms; "I'm still flyyyyyin'," he crooned.


That was one awesome mushroom omelette!



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