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Team Sam Fic: The Birds and The Bees

Title: Birds and Bees
Author: mamapranayama
Genre: Gen/humor, wee!Sam
Summary: John didn't have this hard of a time explaining where babies came from to Dean ...
A sequel of sorts to  Tummy Trouble but can be read as a stand-alone story.     

The Birds and The Bees

John pulled up to the school and waited. He had let Dean walk Sammy to his first day of school that morning, but Kindergarten was only a half day in this school district and John wasn't entirely confident that his youngest son could walk the entire mile and a half back to their current residence alone while Dean spent the rest of the day in class.

He couldn't help the little grin pulling up his lips as he saw Sammy recognize the car and start to make a run for it. All John could see of his son was the top of his boy's dark hair as the passenger side door opened with a creak. A moment later Sammy bounded into the car then pulled with all of his might to close the heavy door then settled into the seat and buckled up. He then looked up at John with a bright smile.

"Hey, Buddy. How was school?"

"It was fun. We played some cool games and in gym class, I was the fastest runner." Sam beamed.

"That's great." John replied with his own smile. Sammy was quiet for a beat, then turned to John with a question written all over his face.



"Mrs. Weinstein said she's having a baby and that's why her tummy is so big because her baby is inside of her. She said that she didn't eat it and that her baby is growing in there, but ... how did the baby get in there?"

"What?" John stammered, almost stomping on the brakes, not expecting that question. Jeez ... one day at school and he already needs to give Sammy THE talk?

Telling his youngest son how babies were made hadn't been on his radar for that afternoon and he struggled to come up with an answer for Sammy that he would understand. Explaining all of this to Dean had been much easier as he recalled, mostly because Mary had done all of the talking when she told Dean he was going to have a brother. But he doesn't have Mary to help him on this and as much as that pains him, it was his turn to handle this. He didn't know what to say, but Sammy was looking at him expectantly and he had to come up with something.

John scratched his head, digging for an answer to give his son, " Well ... uh ... Ya see ... when mommies and daddies love each other, they uh ... well ... they just kinda make a baby together and the mommy grows the baby inside of her ..." John trailed off, wanting to slap himself for his lame explanation.

"But how does that happen?" Sammy asked.

"Uh ..."

"Does she drink a special potion to make the baby? Can boys have babies too? Mr. Stevens at the motel has a big belly like Mrs. Weinstein, does he have a baby in there? And how does the baby come out?"

"Oh boy ..." John sighed and cringed at the onslaught of questions, running a hand across his sweating face.

Demons and ghosts he could handle, no problem, but this ...? He was waaaaayy out of his league on this one, he had to think of something quick before Sammy started asking even more questions he didn't know how to answer.

"Hey, Sammy ... tell ya what. How about we go get some ice cream, huh?" And maybe that will distract his five-year old from his current obsession with babies and give John some time to come up with a better explanation later.

Or better yet, maybe Sammy will just ask Dean about the birds and the bees instead -- his nine-year old was bound to be better at this than him.

The End

Tags: fic: gen, rating: g, sam, team sam, weechesters

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