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Dean smiles at a girl picspam

You all know why we start with this photo. Because of the reasons! It's a classics, almost an iconography. Masterpieces of the Supernaturals golden age. :))
Dean's unbelievable, bright, happy smile.
A smile at a girl.

1x03 Dead In The Water

This smile doesn't have any additional meanings, no other reasons. He smiles, because it's a girl. It's just his reaction to any given girl. She mustn't be special, very beautiful or hot. He is not planning to hit on her, he doesn't really want anything from her. No. It's just because she is a girl. Dean likes girls. Like a fact. He is just glad, that girls exist in the universe. And when he sees one, he smiles happily. "Look, a girl!"

7x04 Defending Your Life

The same reaction here. A bit toned down, but it's the 7th season, of course. But he sees a girl and smiles happily.

1x03 Dead In The Water

Same here, but not so bright and obvious, because the girl's father is right there. He doesn't shine as bright as usual,  but quietly glows with attention and interest. :)

1x12 Faith

Here he is half dead, but "a girl!" and he is alive again. )))
A second ago he was grumpy, everything got on his nerves, but the moment he saw a girl,  all his attention was on her and a charming smile was only for her. Dean...:inlove:

1x21 Salvation

Here he came almost running all single minded and concerned with extremely important task  the Dad gave him, but suddenly - a girl!
Wide opened eyes, instant interest - and obviously he is interested in her, like she is the only one. And Dean can smile like that to the any given girl. Drowning a poor or may be lucky girl in the sea of his charm. :))

Serinda Swan in an interview told, that she  totally lost it under the weight of that stare and instead of "Can I do anything for you"
she said "can I do you". :))

Let's continue. A happy, smug smile, he smiles like that when he is absolutely sure of what comes next.  "Nailed it" smile. :))

1x19 Provenance

The same kind of smile, though by force of habit. :eyebrow:
3x02 The Kids Are Alright

2x12 Nightshifter

"A demonstrative flirt". He is not serious, he doesn't do it to get the girl, he is not really interested. It's just a game "I am acting like a movie seducer". :)) He is just having fun, that's it.

4x05 Monster Movie
And now it's a game too. Well, he is interested and wants to get the girl, but this is how he chose to show his interest and appreciation. James Bond mode on, Dean is ready to tell his tall tales... 

- I am Maverick, ma'am... And a wink :))

High powered charm is on. And the brightest smile possible  :laugh:

And here he is playing too, of course :)
6x06 You Can't Handle The Truth

1x19 Provenance

Here he looks like a cat that got a bird. Or two.  :inlove:

It's not even a smile, it's a smirk, purely male thing that doesn't have anything to do with a specific woman, he is just proud of himself. I am almost certain that he slept with both girls from the bar. :))  

1х02 Wendigo

When they were in the woods, he made fun of her shorts and joked about M&M's, and it was a friendly bunter. But the smile in the end - smug, suggestive and cocky - it's a smile at a girl. :)))

2х18 Hollywood Babylon

He is so pleased, that he can hardly contain himself. )))

And it's not his "nailed it" smile. This one is more personal. This woman matters. What they gave each other, and what they both gained, and it was good. He is pleased, because he could please the woman so well.

4х09 I Know What You Did Last Summer

- You are Dean, the Dean?
- Definitely, the Dean.
And he is pleased.

4х05 Monster Movie

No comments :)) He is pleased

And there is a very special look, we saw it few times. It is very direct, but at the same time it's kind of passive. He is not trying to seduce, he doesn't wink, doesn't hint. He isn't doing anything. It's like he wrote a declaration of intentions. I showed you what I want, you saw it. What are we gonna do about it? The choice is yours.
And then he is just sits there, looks a girl direct in the eyes and smiles.
It's like watching the sun. You can either look away and bail or just fall for it.
This is a classic one:

5x09 The Real Ghostbusters

5x10 Abandon All Hope, Jo

7x08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding, bartender

7x13 The Slice Girls, amazon
Same smile, but with nuances

3х04 Sin City, bartender Kacey
He is mad  inside. He already knows, that she is a demon and a murderer.

2х15 Tall Tales, to a trickster's beauty
It looks rather  artificial. He doesn't know, if she is real or one of triсkster's creations.

7x04 Defending Your Life, at a bartender - who was like a shrink with a limitless access to alcohol)))

He is in a crappy state of mind at the moment. He doesn't know what he wants, whether to pick up a girl or to drink himself into oblivion, in order to not see, or feel, or remember. His smile is like a mask, full of self loathing and self-mocking.
But the girl showed interest and Dean reacted.

4x05 Monster Movie, Jamie
I'd love to get a chance to show you the rest.

7х07 The Mentalists
This smile stands aside.

He sees that a girl likes him and she'd like to take it further, and he likes her too but "I don't have good weeks"

Oh, Dean, maybe some day? :small:

3х04 Sin City
And here he doesn't look at the hooker like he looks at girls. With such expression he could look at the cherry on top of the cake.
- Hah, what is that? Whose is that? Nobodies? Then I'll take t!

Brat :laugh: :heart:

PS.: Bonus

«Dean the moment before...»

He is focused on her. And at that moment there is nothing in the world except her
Oh, Dean... :beg: :heart:

This picspam was collected by a passionate Dean!Girl Lacerrta. http://lacerrta.diary.ru/p177464750.htm
But she writes in Russian, so I translated  her commentaries for you, guys. Enjoy :)
English is not my primary language, so if you see mistakes, please, let me know! :)
Tags: picspam, team dean

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