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Summer Lovin' Reverse Mini-Bang -- two artworks left to claim!

Today is the final day of claiming, and "Sandcastle" by jenilees (a really fun piece showing a beaming Sam at work on a giant sandcastle) and "For the Love of Baseball" by mandraco (Dean, Lisa and Ben on the way to a game, picnic gear in hand) are still up for grabs!  (They're both in this post for you to take a look at.)

Not sure you can put together 5,000 words?  Go for something shorter!  Try 1,000 words.  Let's show all of our talented artists that their work is inspirational!

The finish line isn't until Labor Day (September 3), which gives you more than a month to work.  To everyone who's participating -- have fun, and we can't wait to see what you come up with!

Update:  all the art has been claimed!
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