Weesta (weesta) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,

Team Sam - Drabble - Rescue

Title: Rescue
Author: Weesta
Words: 129
Rating: G
Summary: Written to fill the prompt “Damsels and Others in Distress”
Disclaimer: Writing for fun and team pride, not for profit.

“Help me!”

That was Dean. Sam scrambled to get the key card in the door while juggling armfuls of supplies.


Dean was getting more frantic knowing that Sam was so close by. Sam lost his grip on his coffee, but his brother was more important than caffeine.

Finally, the key slid home and Sam burst through the door…only to find Dean being nuzzled to death by the trio of kittens they’d rescued in the alley. The black kitten batting Dean’s face looked at Sam completely unremorsefully even as he gave Dean another swat. His look seemed to say “You are late with our meal, human.”

Clearly, the kittens were in charge. Dean had succumbed to the cute and now there was no hope for either one of them. There was nothing left to do but feed them and get in some snuggling of his own.
Tags: drabbles, sam, team sam

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