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TEAM SAM: Two schmoopy podfic recs

I'm not sure how many podfic fans are here, but I thought I'd point out a couple Sam-ish podfics that I've enjoyed recently. These are also on the shorter side, so if you've ever been wondering about listening to some podfic they're a perfect size to get started on.

All links are to the audiofic archive where you can download the audio file for listening. The archive posts also contain links to both author and reader posts in case you'd like to leave feedback.

Title: Cold Comfort
[mp3, 13.4 MB, 9:42]
Rating: G
Summary: Dean's sick. Somehow, it manages not to be so bad.
Why you should read/listen: It's a short piece, and full of schmoopy goodness.

Title: The Little Spoon
[m4b, 7.2 MB, 0:15:35]
Rating: NC-17
Summary: To his horror, Sam discovers that he's a stealth!snuggler.
Why you should read/listen: Yes, there's sex. But the story is mostly schmoopy and cuddly.
Tags: rec post, team sam

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