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Team Sam Ficlet: Tummy Trouble

Title: Tummy Trouble
Author: mamapranayama
Genre: Gen/wee!Sam/humor
Rating: G
Summary: It's Sammy's first day of Kindergarten, but there's something horribly wrong with his teacher.

Tummy Trouble

It was Sammy’s first day of Kindergarten and he gleefully held Dean’s hand as he entered the classroom. He had everything he needed – backpack, new gym shoes, and a ton of school supplies that weighed heavily in his bag, nearly toppling his little body over.

He was so excited before they left for school that morning, but now that he saw how many other kids were in the classroom, he suddenly started to feel a little scared and he squeezed Dean’s tighter as he led him towards a desk.

“Here’s your seat, Sammy … see, it’s got your name on it.” Sammy looked and even though he wasn’t as good a reader as his brother, he recognized his name taped to the top of the desk. However, that didn’t ease the feeling of nervousness creeping into his stomach.

A lady wearing a green dress walked over and Sammy gaped at her -- she had the biggest stomach he had ever seen, but she wasn’t fat like people with such a big belly should be.  “Hi,” She said with a friendly smile, “You must be Sammy. I’m Mrs. Weinstein, I’m going to be your teacher for a while. You want to have a seat?”

Sammy stood frozen for a second, then looked at Dean, “Go on squirt … I gotta go to my class too, ya know.”

Sammy was still uncertain and he worried about his teacher – he wondered what was wrong with her. He’d seen other women with big stomachs like her’s before, but he’d never known any of them and no one had ever told him how they got that way. Now that he was standing right next to her giant belly, he needed to know, “Dean … why does she have such a fat stomach?” Sammy asked in a whisper.

Dean rolled his eyes, “She’s pregnant, dufus.”

“What does that mean?” Sammy had never heard that word before … pregnant?

“It means I’ve got a baby in my tummy.” Mrs. Weinstein said, having overheard Sammy’s question.

Sammy felt his eyes grow big in surprise as he looked at Mrs. Weinstein with growing dread. There was only one way anything ever got into someone’s tummy …

“You ate your baby?”

Dean slapped his forehead with his palm while Mrs. Weinstein laughed, causing her big belly to shake up and down. He didn’t see what was so funny – it was pretty horrible in his mind – people eating babies should never be funny.

The End

Tags: fic: gen, rating: g, sam, team sam, weechesters

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