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The 149 Acts of Kindness Challenge

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I was stunned by the events in Aurora the other night.  It brought home to me the fact that horror and tragedy can happen any time, anywhere -- and the bigger truth that there are many places in the world in which horror and tragedy are everyday events.  But so is kindness, and the reality that people are good at heart.  So I'd like to issue a challenge to you guys.

We've got something like 350 people involved in this comm.  Not a huge number, in the scheme of things, but enough to be noticed.  So the challenge is this:  over the next couple of days, commit a random act of kindness (or ten) for someone (or something).  ANYTHING.  Leave a bigger tip in the tip jar.  Take care of a chore around the house that a family member hasn't been able to do.  Pick up trash in your neighborhood.  Let the guy who's riding shotgun pick the music.  Send a V-gift to a flistie you don't know very well.  If you're not in the habit of saying it often (or at all), tell someone you love them.  If you want to do something anonymously, all the better.

Then, come back and tell us how you've made the world a better place.  (You can post anonymously if you like.)  We've seen 149 episodes of Supernatural so far -- so let's see if we can commit 149 acts of kindness over the next few days.  You've all been remarkably kind and generous to each other over the five months this comm has been in business -- let's expand those horizons and see how much we can affect the world in little ways.

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