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Team Dean: Clothes Maketh the Man

A Winchester shopping trip is way, way overdue ...

Genre: Humour
Rating: K+ (for almost naked Dean, depending on your imagination ...)
Word Count: 100

Disclaimer: If I owned them, would I have to write about them?


Sam opened the laundry bag and sighed; it was a paltry collection.

Eight shrunken T shirts with holes under the armpits

Four ancient pairs of jeans mottled with indeterminate stains;

One fleece hoodie with bald patches;

Thirteen odd socks;

One smoke damaged jacket;

Two pairs of sweatpants with no elastic;

Six moth-eaten plaid shirts with half the buttons hanging off;

It was when a freshly showered Dean appeared through the bathroom door sporting a threadbare pair of blue boxers with a very unfortunately placed hole that Sam bowed to the inevitable.

"Dude, we have GOT to buy some new gear!"



Tags: fic: gen, naked dean, team dean

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