Swedish for "Smith" (colls) wrote in spn_bigpretzel,
Swedish for "Smith"

Fanmix: Driver Picks the Music [TEAM SAM]

Material: FANMIX!
Title: Driver Picks the Music [Sam's playlist to annoy Dean: on the rare times Dean lets Sam drive]
Notes/Warnings: -- made for Team Sam @ spn_bigpretzel
Just a collection of songs that I imagine would irritate Dean, yet seem oddly Sam's style to me or remind me of his character in some way. *shrugs* may also be a list of vid-bunnies

The cover art wound up more 'Impala' and less 'Sam', but I suppose I might be predictable that way anyway.

click for mix

Dear mods: I don't know what to tag a fanmix.
Tags: team sam

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