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Team Dean: Seven Seasons of Eating... Almost

I love to watch Dean eat and he certainly has fun with it. He's the only guy I know that can make gluttony look sexy.  I wanted to do at least one per season, because I love to see how Dean has changed over the years and marvel at how he manages to get better and better looking. Too bad Season 6 failed on the nom scale. I could NOT find an eating scene and lost patience. As far as good eating scenes go, you'll notice that Season 2 was the clear winner.  Enjoy :D

The scene that started it all...

Another S1 Scene of Dean eating mid-investigation.

Yeah, I left out the famous carmels scene, but isn't Dean sexy eating french fries?

Dean really enjoyed being a PA

Gotta love a guy who's not too good for prison food.

Mom's food is always the best. *sniffs*

I like to imagine this as a pictoral study of Dean considering the merits of cake.
Thinks about it.  Takes a bite.  Considers that bite. Decides pie is much better.

Brain Freeze:  It's like a teeny tiny migraine.

The poison taco.  Sadly, not the last time food will betray Dean.

The inspiration for this comm :D

Be careful what you wish for...

It shouldn't take a zombie apocalypse for a man to get some pie!

The turducken sandwich. 

Who can resist butt-flavored pizza?

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