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Sam Winchester Animated Picspam: A Study in Bitchfacing

I'm back with another image-heavy post full of crack.

The Bitchface™ is undeniably one of Sam's most remarkable facial expressions. It can be seen as early as the Pilot, and as late as the season 7 finale.

Baby Bitchface™

Epic Sideburns Bitchface™

Throughout the seasons, it is evident that there are certain situations that never fail to set off the Bitchface™, such as Sam feeling uncomfortable or having to face unexpected trials.

Christmas Ornaments Enthusiast Bitchface™

Mugshot Bitchface™

Possessed by a Demon Bitchface™

However, nothing and no one is as effective in bringing out the Bitchface™ as Dean Winchester.

My Brother is Mean Bitchface™

My Brother is an Idiot Bitchface™

My Brother is a Jerk Bitchface™ (a.k.a. Full Body Bitchface™)

My Brother is an Overgrown Eight-Year-Old Bitchface™

My Brother is an A-Hole Bitchface™

My Brother is an Overgrown Twelve-Year-Old Bitchface™

Dean is so skilled in the art of Annoying One's Little Brother that he can even make Sam pull a Bitchface™ in his own account of the same story.

Bratty Little Brother Bitchface™ (Dean's POV)

Judgmental Bitchface™ (Sam's POV)

It is quite a feat, although not exactly surprising. Dean is Sam's Big Brother after all and also has a tendency to be Mr. Smartypants at inappropriate times. The combination of these two elements makes him the Ultimate Bitchface™ Trigger (UBT).

Dean Winchester, Ultimate Bitchface™ Trigger (UBT)

Sam is most definitely not amused.

Is This Picspam Over Yet? Bitchface™
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