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Team Dean ... Hot Spots

This is a hurty comfort story I wrote about a year ago and of which I am particularly fond.  Although it does get a bit angsty, as Dean is very seriously ill at one stage, the over-riding theme of the story is brotherly love and humour, so I hope it fits in with the ethos of the comm.

(Oh, and of course, there is a teeny weeny little bit of naked Dean!)

Go Team Dean !!!!!!

Rating: T for a few naughty words
Genre: H/C Angst/Humour
Word Count: 20,000

It's hot, oh boy, it's hot. Those boys are fractious, and Dean's got an itch ...

Disclaimer: I think it's fairly obvious by now that I don't own them :(


Tags: dean, fic: gen, sam, team dean

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