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Picspam - Sam on the phone (Season 2)

Okay…I know I’m totally cheating right off the bat, but with Dean unconscious for almost the whole episode it’s not like Sam can use his cell phone to call him!

Everybody Loves a Clown – Eeek! Is that a clown behind me?!

Bloodlust – Sam think’s Dean’s new friend is a bad influence so he calls Ellen.

Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things – Sam spends the whole episode glued to Dean’s hip trying to get him to talk, and when he does…they both end up crying.

Simon Said – Oh noes! I thought I saved that guy!

Simon Said – You mean we didn’t save the lady at the gas station either?! *woe*

No Exit – Many phone calls, but Dean’s doing all the talking with Ellen and Jo.

The Usual Suspects – Not a cell phone, but I’m giving the coded message a slot here because I just think it’s cool.

Crossroad Blues – Sam meets a Hellhound, Dean meets a Crossroad Demon and they share information face to face.

Croatoan – Sam gets infected (or not), Dean is tired and they have a crushing heart-to-heart, face to face…no phones.

Hunted – See…we start using the phone again when Sam leaves – it’s kinda a trend.

Gordon takes Dean to Funkytown. I *heart* codewords!


Yay! I got Dean back….now, where’s Ava?

Playthings – The boys spend a weekend at the Overlook hotel and go antiquing, but don’t make any calls.


Nightshifter – hunting shapeshifters and on the phone – the boy can multitask!

Houses of the Holy – Working hip to hip doesn’t give much opportunity to give each other a call.

Born Under a Bad Sign – Meatsuits don’t need to make phone calls

Tall Tales – Once again, in each other’s pockets…no need to pick up the phone. Idjits.

Road Kill – Ghosts don't need cell phones

Heart – Sam’s got more important things to do than pick up the phone!

No Dean, I don’t need any suggestions…

Hollywood Babylon – Dean makes a helluva PA, but Sam puts the camera phone to good use!

Fulsome Prison Blues – Technically they each get one call…

All Hell Breaks Loose – Sadly, there’s no cell phone reception in BFNowhere
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